Simple Sneaker Cleaning Hack

Here is how I wash my sneakers

Simple Sneaker Cleaning Hack 

It's always the saddest part of the day when you look down & notice your trusty sneakers are looking well, sad. Whether your favorite pair of sneakers is a little dusty from taking the forgotten path, a little marked up from taking a stumble in the parking lot or if your sneakers are just worn-well with love, there is a way to bring your shoes back to life. A cleaner life, that is!

Here is how I wash my sneakers
Wash your sneakers in the washer 

I have to add a disclaimer here, you'll want to be mindful of what shoes you clean up using my simple hack method, I do this for my everyday walking shoes & this particular method works well with Sketchers & mesh walking/running shoes. 

Cleaning your Sneakers Method:

So, how do I quickly clean my sneaker making them look as good as new? I simply toss my sneakers into the washing machine. I have a front-load washing machine, with no agitator inside. 

Before laundering my sneakers, I take out the insole & added insole, leave on the laces, but make sure they're tied securely. ext, I spray a Spray & Wash solution on the shoes & toss them in the washer solo. I wash my sneakers on the 'quick wash' option. 

After the shoes have been washed, I set them in the sun to dry & the next day, they're good as new!

I hope you found this easy sneaker cleaning hack to making your favorite pair of sneakers look good as new!  As we are getting ready for spring, this is the perfect time to clean your sneakers for the new season. 

Throw your sneakers in the washer to make them look brand new!

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clean sneakers by tossing them in the washer

easy sneaker cleaning hack

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