Prepping for a New Puppy Tips

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Prepping for New Puppy Tips

In this post, tips to prep your home for a new puppy.  

It would appear that January the be the month we get a new puppy. Not that we adopt a puppy often, it has been eight {plus} years since we have done so with Bentley. 

If you are a reader here, you'll note that Bentley sadly passed away in October of 2022It was sudden, but then again, it wasn't. Watching him go from his normal self to a rapid decline, & later passing in the kitchen, has been an emotional roller coaster. 

white puppy play pen
Puppy White Play Pen 

While it saddens me to think of his passing every day, I am more upset with the fact that I can't tell Riley where he is. I try to tell him about his brother, but I know he doesn't understand as he still looks for him. 

A Little Back Puppy Story...

Just as Bentley's decline in health was an emotional roller coaster, the quest for us to eventually adopt a puppy was just emotional roller coaster. 

In November of 2022, we visited a puppy litter of baby-newborn-Parti Yorkies. Not able for the Parti Yorkies to leave their mother yet, we put a deposit on a white Parti Yorkie with a black patch on his eye. 

As he grew to the 8-week mark, we got photo updates & re-visited him right after Christmas. My dad was obsessed with this puppy. My mom was hot & cold. , I literally didn't want the puppy at all. Truthfully, this was very out of character as I love puppies & animals. However, something was not right about the whole thing. The breeder had three litters for sale all Yorkie of some sort as she had over 16 dogs in her home--it was chaotic & pretty gross. 

Regardless, the day after the puppies got their 1st 8 week round of shots, the breeder texted me that our pup wasn't doing well. Her bazaar texts continued, texting me at 3 a.m. that our puppy died--mysteriously. 

You can guess, that red flags went up. As the story unfolds, she tries to scam us out of getting our deposit back. However, after much fighting as well as a police report on my end, I got our money back & knew that there was a deeper cosmic reason as to why I felt the way I did. 

Enter Finley. The puppy that this post is dedicated to, but any new puppy parent can take these tips & apply them to their own puppy adoption preparation. Finley is a light that is so imaginative & from a deeper experience, I know Bentley was his guardian more ways than one. 

Welcoming a new puppy isn't just content for social media. Adopting a puppy is a big commitment as well as a lifestyle. In a separate blog post, I will introduce the new puppy to you. All I can say is that 'it's' a 'he' & he is pretty tiny. As I am writing this, he isn't even here yet, too little to leave his mother. 

puppy play area
Baby puppy bowls 

puppy supply cart
Finley's Puppy Cart, supplied with all sorts of puppy supplies 

 Prepping for New Puppy Tips 

  • Vets & Groomers: Ironically, the top two important things to have a handle on before you adopt a new puppy is what {I feel} led to Benny's downfall. Having a vet that has reasonable office hours, good reviews, & a good bedside manner is so important. As for dog groomers, the same can be said. Make sure you check reviews before picking a vet as well as a groomer. Ask your friends & family with pets who they use/what services they recommend as these two people will have your dog's life in their hands. 
  • Puppy Food: Picking puppy food is another priority that should be top on your list! If you are buying from a breeder, this can be easier as you can go with what she is feeding the pups & get her professional recommendations. Finley puppy food was the holistic brand, Health Extensions.
  • Crate & Puppy Playpen: Crates are great for crate training, a place for your dog to sleep at night {get into a bedtime routine} as well as a safe place for your puppy to be when you are away from home. We got a crate that can grow with the new puppy as it has an expandable divider inside. It is said that your dog should be able to sit/stand & turn around in its cage. As for a puppy playpen, we got this one via Chewy as a different safer place for the puppy to be & be able to walk around/play. 
  • Toys: Of course, plenty of toys, but not sharing too many toys at once as we don't want to overwhelm the puppy. Adding new toys every other day can help keep your puppy curious & reduce the risk of boredom. Currently, we are seeking interactive puppy toys as well & I bought him this dog nanny. Basically, you can stuff something inside the plush puppy that has the scent of his mother & siblings on it to reduce the anxiety that a puppy gets when he leaves his den. 
  • Grooming: Bently was white & this one is mostly white as well. I bought BioSilk Dog Whitening Shampoo for him as well as his own washrags, not to confuse his with Riley's. 
  • Travel Tote: Luckily, I have a few pet carriers. We typically use these soft carriers for PetSafe. However, WildOne as well as UGG makes cute dog carriers too. 

Puppy baby shower
It's a Boy {Puppy}! Welcoming home Finley 

Baby Yorkie
Finley's First Day {Back} at Home 

Of course, there are so many other things to take into consideration when adopting a new puppy. Training/potty pads are another if you plan to house-train your puppy. If you're 100% new to becoming a dog mom or dog dad, I recommend getting a book specific to your dog's breed & read up! While I am not new to being a dog mom, I am reading a book to refresh myself on puppy parenting. 

I hope you found these tips on what to do prior to adopting a new puppy helpful! Follow on social media @katelynchef. 

Puppy preparation tips
Prepping for Puppy Tips 

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