5 Things to Love About January

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5 Things to Love about January  

In this series of posts, I share five things to love about X month. Next up, the month of January. 

Raise your hand if you're breathing a sigh of relief that the holidays have passed. I find it rejuvenating to refresh my space, simplify {although I kept the holiday decor simple/minimal} & ready to move past the jingle-jangle. 

 However,  the months of Jan, Feb, & March can be hard for folks. This time of year, winter stretches on & on. However, there are good things to enjoy in January. A few ideas are listed below in my 2024 blog series, 5 Things to Love About the Month Of...

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Winter Outdoor Activites 

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Winter is a great time for a brisk walk or snowy run

5 Things to Love About January 

  1. Fresh Start: It is a given. We all get a fresh start at the start of the New Year. Personally, I take the start of every season as a fresh start, but rightly so during the start of 2024.  Not only is this an ideal time to set goals, but it is also a great time to declutter, reorganize {& elavuate} your digital life, decide how much time you want to spend online, the place you want to go, & what values you want to adopt. 
  2. Winter Things: Didn't Ariana Grande sign it best, my baby is in town & we're gonna do some winter things. If you're looking for some winter inspiration, I have a winter film roundup here. Also, I am really hoping to capture some winter-snow scenes with my Sony camera-we haven't had much snow {which is okay} but that's my goal for 2024 Winter Content. 
  3. Learn Latte Art/How to Make the Perfect Espresso: Hey, I got an espresso machine, this is the one I received from EspressoWorks. I am really looking forward to experimenting with my newfound espresso machine & learning the techniques. I would love to one day go abroad & I know how tiny espressos are a part of the meals over there. For at least right now, I will pretend I am on a balcony over looking a little street in Rome. 
  4. Winter Still Life Photography: If you don't already know, I am a writer & a photographer. Photography has been a passion for a good number of years. It is one of those things that I find to be hard & can make me miserable until I get it right--I am always trying to improve. I have been redoing my portfolio, to reflect my ambitions to take on more freelance lifestyle/product photography work. As the winter weather rages on, it is a good time to stay indoors & work on my photos. If you are hoping to learn a new skill or take more photos, winter is a great time to stay in & work on that goal. 
  5. Winter Walks: I do love a cold walk. I am not sure why, but the briskness of a cold weather walk refreshes me unlike any other. 
So, what winter things are you looking forward to this January & onward? I am on Threads & IG @katelynchef 

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