How-To Put Pep Your Post-Holidays Step

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How To Put Pep Your Post-Holidays Step

In this post, sharing tips to find your inspiration & motivation post-holidays. 

I don't know about you, but the type of blogs & blog articles I enjoy have a few factors. One, there is something to them little meat on their bones. Not only are these blogs the most beautiful to scroll through but there is some type of takeaway in the written text. In other words, the blog post isn't just beautiful images curated with affiliate links. 

Secondly, the posts are condensed & easy to follow. Lastly, I really enjoy blogs that are inspiring & that inspiration carries over into my own work. I think {mostly} everyone can agree, that once the holidays have passed, there is a bit of a lag in the atmosphere. It's still winter yet we're dreaming of spring. Retail clearances their winter merchandise as they roll out the swimsuits & flip flops. Most days, there isn't much sun & everything seems to be a bit blah. 

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New makeup to your winter skincare routine 

In other words, the winter blues. However, I say take advantage of this slow time of the year. There are little things anyone can do right now, to beat the winter blues. with time, these things add the pep back to your post-holidays step. 

Naturally, there is a season for everything. This winter try adding these ideas & rituals to your daily routine to beat the winter blues while adding a bit of pep back into your post-holiday step

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Sprucing up your home decor can steer away winter blues 

 How To Put Pep Your Post-Holidays Step

  • Declutter: Yes, January is known for the time of the year when the organization goes from 1 to 100 in a second. Take advantage of the stores' sales & their rollouts of organizational items to declutter & Marie Kondo your dwelling. 
  • Put Away the Christmas/Holiday Decor: You simply won't feel better until Christmas & other winter holiday decorations are neatly packed away. If you're feeling cluttered when packing away your winter holiday decor, donate unwanted items to free up space. 
  • Deep Dust & Heavily Vaccum: You'd be surprised by the instant mood boost that you'll feel after doing a deep room dusting & a good household vacuuming. This is especially a good idea not only to refresh your space but tidy up after all of the seasonal happenings & decorations. 
  • Refresh Your Skincare Routine: Going through your bathroom drawers, closet, & medicine cabinet to rid of expired products & replace them with fresh skincare/makeup items is so fulfilling. Pro-tip, while you restock your favorite skincare items, add a few new items to make your winter mornings/evenings a little more exciting. 
  • Spruce Up Your Home Aesthetic: By now, you put away the Christmas tree. Opt to re-inspire your space with a few new fresh home decor items. These new home elements can be as simple as a new vase, trinket tray, wall clock, or fresh print on the wall. 
  • Home Fragrance: Lastly, I love to reinvent my space, post-holidays, with a fresh sent. You can do this a number of ways {candlelight candle melter, wall plug-in} but I personally like to use the reed diffusers. Finding a pretty & mild scent reed diffuser adds a bit of happiness & cleanliness back into my room after the holidays have passed. 
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Spruce up your home decor aesthetic with fresh pillows & fresh home scents 

Indoor winkle fairy lights

So, how do you reinvent your home after the holidays have passed? Let me know on Instagram @katelynchef. I hope this blog post left you inspired. 

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How to add pep back into your post-holidays step 

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