Bathroom Organizing Hacks

pink cosmetic bag

Bathroom Organizing Hacks

This time of year, there seems to be anything but to do but go through your belongings, rid what you no longer need & organize what you wish to keep. 

I know organizing is something I stay on-top of through the year. Having a tidy bathroom closet is important to me. Based on Pinterest aesthetics, people strive for a tidy linen closet too. However, bottles, lotions, hygiene products, towels, & so forth, it's hard to keep everything organized. 

There are two simple bathroom organizing methods, hacks if you will, that I implement to my bathroom closet

organized linen closet
Matching bins for bathroom closet organization 

blue and white bins

gray painted bathroom with white light switch

1. First Bathroom Organizational Hack

The first bathroom organizational hack is matching decorative bins. As you can see from the photos, my linen closet is blue & white. The bins, a few years old, are Threshold's Target. While they're a few seasons past, Target seems to redo the same pattern, so it is likely you can find similar if you like this particular pattern.

Having different sized bins that all match aim to perfecting that Pinterest aesthetic that so many covet. I use the longer skinny blue & white bins for lotions, extra toothpastes, deodorant, & so forth. 

The shallower blue & white bins I use to roll my white wash rags as well as a second for my white towels. The bigger deeper blue bins on the bottom are for extra soaps, makeup & the second is for medicines, bandaids, & first aid products. 

I use clear bins to supplement where the blue bins won't work for items such as hair care, skin care, feminine products, & cotton balls/q-tips. Simple right?

pink makeup bag

2.  Second Bathroom Organizational Hack

The second bathroom organizational hack is a pretty cosmetic bag to house my daily use items. I like keeping items I reach for regularly inside a pretty zipped cosmetic bag as it keeps the items concealed as well as dust free. When I open my closet, it's nicer to see a pretty bag instead of products sitting everywhere. 

From my experience, organization isn't a one-&done thing. It takes constant action to keep items tidy as well as dust-free. However, it's so nice to open a well organized closet opposed to a chaotic one. 

As for Ms. Malibu Barbie, she goes with the blue & white bathroom aesthetic. If you are searching for unique prints, such as Malibu Barbie, feel free to check out my Print Shop to purchase your own home art. 

pink cosmetic bag
pink cosmetic bag 

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blue and white bins

pink cosmetic bag
Pink makeup bag to hide everyday items in my linen closet