Summer of Vintage VW Bugs: Vintage Volkswagen Car Show

Vintage VW Van

 Summer of Vintage VW Bugs: Vintage Volkswagen Car Show 

There is something nostalgic when stumbling upon a vintage groovy little VW beetle. Truthfully, is there a happier car other than the Volkswagen Beetle? Probably not & the hippies can back me up on this. 

As a photographer, it's always a pleasure when you see a really interesting car & get to snap a photo of it. Typically, the second weekend in July, in Columbiana, Ohio, vintage punch-buggies, old-school hippie vans, as well as other retro Volkswagens from the 1960s & 70s roll into a small country town to hang out, chill, & vibe. 

Old School Beetle
Favorite VW Bug

The Volkswagen car show is hosted by & at Jim's Custom V.W.'S. While you'll see some of the familiar bugs year after year, other new-to-the-scene hippie vans & groovy little beetles trug in. Personally, I think it's a little magical, but maybe it's just the flower power. 

If you want to check out the Volkswagen car show & take photos, stop by before golden hour to get the best light. Some of the Beetles come as far as Florida & the owners, always ask first, & are usually happy to have others snap pictures of their cars. 

Below, I am sharing some cool-man, psychedelic, & groovy personal VW car photos. However, if you wish to see more, check out my portfolio here. You'll definitely dig it. 


Blue Hippie Van
Volkswagen Car Show, Columbiana, Ohio 

Purple Flame Painted VW Beetle
Purple Flame Painted VW Beetle 

Tan VW Van
Jim's Custom V.W.'s 

Vintage Volkswagens

Volkswagen beetle