My Current Camera Gear/Set Up

My Sony Camera Gear

My Current Camera Gear/Set Up 

Working as a lifestyle writer as well as lifestyle photographer, camera & camera gear are my business's bread & butter. 

I am always learning as well as trying to improve my photography for not only my jobs, but for my first love, here, The Yellow Spectacles!

After all, this very blog is what inspired me to pursue photography & I have to say, over the course of the pandemic, photography has been my saving grace. I have grown & learnt a great deal during this trying time & while nothing is every easy & yes, I do get frustrated with it, continuing to pursue the betterment of my skills has made me a better person. 

I am always interested in others' photo gear, I think it is so cool & fun. Below, I won't get into details with specs/mega pixels & all the tech jargon, but I do want to share my camera body as well as favorite lenses. 

I am working toward only owning high quality lenses in the focal points that I love, it's a slow process as gear is pricey, but having high quality lenses can really make a big difference in your photos.

With that said, there are great budget lenses & I love to buy gear second hand as well as shop open-box deals. 

Sony a7c with 40mm F 2.8 Lens
Sony a7c Camera with 40mm f 2.8 lens 

My Current Camera Gear/Set Up 

1. Camera Body: I shot on a variety of Sony cameras, however, my main camera body is the Sony A7C. I love this because it reminds me of my Sony a6000 {a little work horse of a camera} BUT the Sony a7c is a full frame camera & very easy to use. 

2. Favorite Lens: I have the Sony FE 40mm G 2.5 Full Frame Lens. For my photography style, I like more of a tele lens & the 40mm is right between a 35mm & a 50mm. I use this lens all the time. 

3. Second Favorite Lens: My second favorite lens for nature as well as portraits is the Sony FE 85 1.8 Telephoto Prime Lens. This is a beautiful lens & it is very practical in so many photography situations. The 1.8 aperture is brilliant as well. 

4. Third Favorite Lens: My next favorite lens, a bit of a beast is the Sony FE 24-105 F4 GOSS Standard Zoom Lens. This is my only zoom lens & it was very important to me that I had a zoom lens with a fixed aperture. While she's a heavy little lady, this is a ll purpose lens & is gorgeous in the images she produces. 

5. Filters: When it comes to my lens, most have different size threads, but I put a UV filter for glass protection on all my lenses. I also invest in CPL filters. I trust Hoya & Urth with filter. I also have a Black Pro Mist 1/4 for my larger thread lenses. You can read my post on lens filters here

As for tripods, I stick with Manfrotto tripods {290 Xtra Aluminum} as they're durable & heavy-duty. The last thing I want is my camera to fall over. It is crucial to spend money on a good tripod. I recommend one for your home as well as one for travel. 

I hope you found this camera gear guide helpful. I share more gear tips on @katelynchefphotography_ on Instagram including camera cases as well as camera bags & carriers. 

Sony a7c
I use a Small Rig Gear Cage on my Sony a7c 

Sony a7c Small Rig Gear Cage