Writing Wednesday: A Colorful Point of View: Mack Ro Illustrations

In the spirit of blog anniversaries, I wanted to do a series of special posts for the month of June. Last year, I didn't acknowledge my 3rd Blogging Anniversary for that year--I am not sure why, but I do think any blog-milestone is important to at least mention. So, cheers to 4 years of The Yellow Spectacles!

While I have undergone {still undergoing a bit} of a blog re-branding I wanted to do something {a post} that goes back to my original blogging roots--a little feature on the whimsical artist, Mack Ro Illustrations aka Jen Scully. Let me tell you, her art is magic. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Perhaps, one of my favorite things {in the world} are whimsical illustrations--I am not sure why, but I think other people's point of view on others {life in general} is so interesting. If you follow my blog, you'll notice that I occasionally work with illustrators from Emily Stanbury, Park & Mads,  to a digital artist named, Natalia.

However, today is about Jen & this adorable whimsical take on a birthday picture I posted this past May--it's pink, playful, & pretty much me--on the best of days of course!

๐Ÿ’›The Yellow Spectacles:

How'd you get started illustrating & drawing?


For as long as I can remember, I've always had a marker, paintbrush, or pencil in hand.  I was lucky to have a family and education that encouraged me to grow artistically, although I never imagined it could turn into a career.  I took many art classes in high school and went on to major in psychology in college while taking fine art and graphic design classes on the side.

When I graduated I heard about art therapy and thought that would be the perfect blend of my two passions.  I went on to get a master's degree in Art Therapy and began working as an art therapist in nonprofits, mainly with children experiencing loss of illness.  I spent a lot of time doing art with kids and families through my job but lacked the time to do much of it on my own.  It wasn't until I had my second child in 2014 that I had this revelation that I could pursue my own career in art, and I began painting for me again.  Shortly after, I started my business, Mack & Ro.


Currently, what inspires your art?


SO MANY THINGS! Color, textures, music, the outdoors, fashion, my friends, collaborations... the list goes on.  I have two sides of my business.  The first is Mack & Ro (Art & More).  I have original art on canvas and paper, photography, as well as a wallpaper line.  This is all largely inspired by my coastal roots and surroundings.  I've always lived near the ocean and to me it is a way of life that brings me serenity and the freedom to let go.  While I'm an east coast (New England) girl, I like to say I'm a West Coast girl trapped in an East Coast body (:  My style is influenced by the colors, textures, and sounds that  put together create this coastal vibe.

 The second part of my business is Mack + Ro Illustrations, which is where you'll find my custom portraits and some fun prints available.  I love the playfulness of Mack + Ro Illustrations.  The actual work is quick and has a whimsical feel to it.  I am always inspired by the photos people send to me for their portraits.  They are these little snapshots into a stranger's life, and I have the awesome job of creating something meaningful and lasting based on them.  While my work is quite minimalistic, I love the details - the plaid on a little boys shirt, or the pompoms on a little girls headband.  These things MAKE the picture!

 I've always lived near the ocean and to me, it is a way of life that brings me serenity and the freedom to let go.  While I'm an east coast (New England) girl, I like to say I'm a West Coast girl trapped in an East Coast body (:  My style is influenced by the colors, textures, and sounds that put together create this coastal vibe. -Jen.
Mack + Ro Illustrations 


 Do you have a favorite illustration thus far? If so, elaborate a bit. 


I had to think hard about this question.  They are each so special to me and I so honored to be given the opportunity to paint them all.  There are some that I especially love because of the special meaning behind them.  Maybe it is a couple just engaged, or an expecting couple, or a HUGE family reunion picture. I feel so lucky to capture special moments like these.  There are others that I just love so much because of an adorable dress or pose, and artistically I just fall in love.  Long story short - I don't think I can pick just one favorite!

Custom Portrait by Jen Scully 


If you could meet & draw one person-in person who would you like it to be?


This one stumped me too!  While it's fun to scroll through Instagram to find inspiration from celebrities, I really love meeting and hearing from complete strangers who take a leap and ask me to do their portraits.  If you had to nail me down, and I could travel through time (ha, ha), I'd say I'd love to go back in time and do one of my mom when she was a kid, and her mom (my grandmother).  They had a really special bond and I'd have loved to capture that in their younger years.


 If others are looking to commission you for work--how can they get ahold of you? (send me your site link/social handle etc) 


For custom portraits, they can learn more on my website: www.mackandroillustrations.com and see my work on Instagram (@mackandro_illustrations).  My other website is www.mackandroshop.com / Instagram @mackandro.  There, people can find original work on canvas and paper, wallpaper, and more!

Thanks, Jen & it's a colorful bet that I am looking forward to her playful take on what inspires her this summer. Actually, I think we all will are!