What Blogging Has Unexpectedly Taught Me: Celebrating 4 Years of The Yellow Spectacles

Hello, Everyone. Happy June! Before I get onto this week's kick-off post, I want to say thank you for reading--whether this is your first time or your 100th--This month, The Yellow Spectacles turns 4.

Growing something over the course of four years is reason alone to say thanks, but I wanted to use this blogging anniversary to reflect & share a few pieces of advice/blogging wisdom I came-to/ learned over the course of my journey {which is still very much underway & always evoloving}.

No, none of the 'reflections' pertain to earning excess $$, becoming internet famous, & getting free stuff--as I feel there's a deeper meaning & purpose to having a blog & wanting to start one.

  • Good Intentions are Good. Right Intentions are Better: Starting a blog for creative reasons are the right reasons in my opinion. Today, it seems like everyone has a blog {from previous Bachelorette contestants to the girl down the road}. So, there's just a lot of content out there. Knowing why you're venturing out on the blogging road can make your content clear & discoverable to potential readers. *In my experience, I was seeking a place to write. Today, my writing job{s} very much reflect my blog & monthly posts. The same can be said for my blog. I have earned several writing experiences based on my blog & blogging connections. 

  • Consistency is Key: There are days, stretches of time when you think, 'why am I doing this? Does anyone really care?' The answer is yes! Whether it's one reader or 10,000--building an audience doesn't happen overnight! Picking {& sticking} to a  post & blogging schedule is so important. Eventually, you'll have an audience who comes to expect your Monday morning post. To be honest, I started off doing M, W, & F posts which was just too much--my Wednesday posts were always like 'space fillers.' So, I switched to M & Thurs--which worked/works out so much better for my schedule & creative process--every now & again I'll add a hump-day post if it's something pressing. 
California Rosé via OneHope {c/o} Celebratory Occasion

  • Aesthetics are Important: Aesthetics, your demographic, your vibe, your niche--all things to consider when starting a blog & running a successful blog. At first, I had no clue--I followed 'preppy' accounts on IG & as like oh, maybe I'll be that. LOL, but as time goes on, I settled into a groove--& you will too. Of course, your interest, style, & so on will change, but your blogging core {maybe its fashion, lifestyle, fitness, home interiors ect} will help ground you in what type of content you want to focus on. Your audience will grow with you, & appreciate your consistency.   

  • Blog What You Love: In the beginning, there's always pressure to say 'yes' to every opportunity--because it's an opportunity. However, it's good to say no--feels wrong-not something you're really passionate about? Pass-it-up! By doing so, you're figuring out your vibe & your readers will take note of that!  

  • Good Web Design & Your Own Domain: I say if you made it past your first year of blogging & you can really see yourself continuing on invest in a good blog design & your own URL. I purchased my URL through GoDaddy & run The Yellow Spectacles off of Blogger. In this recent post, I share my blog's design as well as some possible choices. Your blog's design doesn't have to be fancy or flashy--I think there's beauty in simplicity--a cute logo doesn't hurt either! Feel free to email me as I know of other reputable blog-designers too! 

  • Photography: I didn't come to expect just how much I'd grow to love photography as a blogger! It has turned into my favorite hobby--mind you, I am very bad with the technical jargon & need a PhotoShop class {ASAP} but bettering my photography is one of the things I am most excited about moving forward. I just bought a Sony a5001 camera--I'll keep you posted. 

  • Find the Fun: Above all, goals are great--you should want to grow as a blogger & reach those #blogginggoals dreams. While you're in the process of doing so, remember to have fun & be nice!

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I am looking forward to sharing more blogging-celebratory posts with you throughout the month! Including one about where I shop for glasses & the {dramatic, lol} start of me wearing glasses--oh about 20 plus years ago! I'll be sharing more on Instagram @katelynchef


  1. Congratulations girl!! We started our blogs about the same time, and I just celebrated 4 years too. So glad we found each other! XO



    1. ahh really? that's so cool and yes! you're one of the best bloggers out there!! xx Katelyn

  2. Yay, Katelyn! Happy 4 years! ❤️

  3. This was so lovely to read and so inspiring to me as a blogger! Congratulations on four years!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  4. Happy Blogiversary, girlie! These are all such great tips you've shared here to ensure fun and success in blogging. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have the best week ahead!



  5. Congratulations on 4 years! Your blog is always so well-done and so creative, so I trust every word of advice you have to give. I've only been blogging for a year, but I'm already starting to see these lessons come up, thanks for the help! See you Thursday :))
    - Meghan | livingasunnylife.com

  6. Blogging about what you love is SO true- simple, but seriously KEY.

    Happy 4 years, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge