Happy Home Finds: Spring

I used to wonder, what's my home-decor aesthetic? Is it modern, traditional, coastal, mid-century??  Then I realized, it's not so black & white. In fact, I am sure many can relate to their own home decor preferences as it is probably a blend of their tastes & interest.

LC Home Wing It Bath Rug 

Today, I'd say my home taste is a blend of feminine, playful, a little bit coastal, and a dash of whimsy. Spring & summer is the ideal time to bring in fun & flirty elements into your space. Whether it be a cheeky bathroom rug & shower curtain or maybe a cute lamp--fun elements are part of a season of change.

In the shoppable widget below {email subscribers open my URL in your browser to see/shop the post} are all items I either own or have my eye on--did you see the magical mermaid/pearl light? Ugh, so cute!

Happy Home Finds:

I have had my eye on this little flamingo for so long! 
Are you like me & love to switch up your decor for the season? If you're really like me, bringing home little home finds make both you & your space just that--happy! 😃

& if you come back Monday-I am sharing a cute Mother's Day breakfast idea. 💛


  1. I really want that bath mat now!! All of this is so cute :)

    Lauren Lindmark