How-To Move Past Discouragement

Each time I thought about writing this blog post my intentions were interrupted with 'Nah, too soon' thoughts.  In fact, discouragement/disappointed aren't unknown feelings as they happen time to time. This past winter was discouraging in many ways for me, but turning negatives into positives is as important as {let's say} winter turning into spring.

So, discouraging things, events, words, whatever were thrown your what?

  • Time: Give yourself time. Time to think, time to greave, time to refind your creativity, time to just figure out your next move. Time can be the hardest as it's different for everyone & patience isn't always easy, but you'll know when it's time to move on. 
  • Don't Dwell On The Negative: Hard times breed negativity. Having moments of self-doubt & bad vibes are normal, but try to look toward the positive--even if its something little. A silver lining is always a good thing to keep in your back pocket. 💛
  • Hobbies: Taking on a new hobby, adventure, friend, and/or project I find to be stress relievers. Not-to-mention, it allows time to focus on something fresh--even exciting! Who knows, an opportunity might arise from a new endeavor. 
  • Exercise: Whether it be a new workout routine to switch up what you're already doing or taking time out of your day to go for a walk I find to be my biggest stress buster. Plus, some of my best ideas come from when I am exercising.  Just get up & go--good things will follow. 
  • Put Good Out: You know karma? Just because discouragement found it's way to you doesn't mean you should reflect that on others. Whether it's a friendly email or a kind encounter--being nice is free & it will make you feel free too.  💪
  • Talk It Out: Of course, talking to a friend, colleague, pet, a or parent is a great way to pep yourself up 

Lastly, just know things have a funny way of working out--I always think of the 'closing door' analogy when one closes another opens--that's how doors work--you just have to find your right door. Everyone has a door 😀


  1. Definitely bookmarking this post... so well written + so helpful. Discouragements are hard - they really hold you back a lot - so it's so important to be able to get over them. Happy Friday!
    - Meghan |