Rain or Shine: Retro Shades Are A Fun Find

When I first think of the retro oval shape sunglasses the 1950s Barbie--you know dressed in the black & white stripe one piece--with tiny black kitten heels, red nail polish, high ponytail, & yes, oval sunglasses pops in my head.

Since last spring, the oval shape sunglasses--as seen on Audrey Hepburn & today, hip-hop rappers {Lil Yatchy} have been making a comeback. So much so that you can't scroll through your feed without seeing at least one influencer wearing the retro staring at you through their orange-ish pink pre-set.

Forever 21 Sunnies ðŸ’›
Actually, I love the oval shape--it's fun to put away the oversize shades {as they're very out at the moment} & wear a new shape. These black ones I am wearing are from Forever 21 & they're under $6!

Coincidentally, these frames look chic rain or shine--as literally seen here! So, what do you think, will you be sporting the oval shape shades at the pool, beach, about town? If you ask me, wearing frames like these are an effortless upgrade to any spring-summer look. 💛

Retro Shades Spring-Summer Favorites: 

yes, it was really raining here, lol 

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Umbrella is from The Monogram Divas