Mother Knows Brunch: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Idea

Thinking hard about what to get/do for mom with Mother's Day coming up? This year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 13th...Hopefully, it'll be a warm & sunny affair--perfect to do something nice for your mom/ mother figure in your life!

Pancakes no matter the occasion are just fun! One way to personalize your mom's brunch or breakfast in bed is to make the pancake{s} look like her!

My Pancakes:

  • Dark Chocolate Morsels for 'hair' 
  • Strawberries sliced thin for 'eyes' and 'lips'
  • Blueberry 'eyeballs'
  • Mini marshmallows for 'teeth' {cut in half} & 'pearl necklace'
  • Brown sugar/cinnamon for 'blush' 
  • I used a Betty Crocker pancake mix!  

LOL notice the chocolate chips for the hair...if your mom has lighter/blonde hair you can always substitute the chocolate chips for shredded coconut flakes. 

Hopefully, this Mother's Day brunch set up inspires you to create/cook-up something sweet for your mom!

P.S. I know mine will be reading this--Happy Mother's Day 💋💛 to you & all the moms!

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  1. I know my Mom would LOVE this idea, and hello! Those pancakes are the cutest!


  2. Aw, this is so incredibly cute! It makes me look forward to when Aviah will be big enough to do these little activities for Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing and have a great week, girlie!



  3. YUM! You had me at the dark chocolate morsels for the "hair" <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. My mom would SO appreciate these ideas! She always said she doesn't need anything but appreciates thoughtful gifts!