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Looking to 2018 with Phonetic Computer Eyewear

December 28, 2017

It's safe to say that December has been a month jammed packed with content...which makes me a bit nervous for the rest of the winter's content as it has been pretty much: go, go, go!

Now that the gift guides have been read by bloggers & holiday shoppers alike, the gift wrap has been recycled, & the cookies have been eaten it's time to slowly groove back into real life. With one more holiday on the horizon, New Year's Eve surely blogs will be sharing different party outfits to wear while ringing in 2018.

{Note, this post is a collaboration with Phonetic Eyewear. All opinions are my own.}

However, if you're like me you are still thinking about what New Year perspective you want to take on & what you hope to see for the upcoming year. This New Year, I am literally looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes--with the help from Phonetic Computer Eyewear.

You may remember my review of this eye company last spring{here} but after a season of treating others, it's nice to treat yourself--especially your eyes!

💖  The Amy Frame in Emerald Tortoise 

Bloggers & Instagrammers will note that digital eye strain is a real problem which is why this particular eyeglass company works to keep eye strain at bay.

They put a special lens in their frames {you can see it/the tint in the flay lay images here} that 'absorb a  portion of blue light emitted from computers, smartphones,  & other digital devices.' For more info, you can read it here.

When I wear my glasses from Phonetic it's like my eyes are being hugged all day.
Pearl Necklace from Chappy Happy

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My thoughts? I own a good number of frames & I can honestly say that their frames & lens feel different pertaining to my eyes & how they feel in the best possible way. As mention above, this is my second pair of glasses from them & its hard to put it in words, but when I wear my glasses from Phonetic it's like my eyes are being hugged all day. Funny but true. My relatively frequent headaches seem to not be present on the days when I wear these frames opposed to my Prada, D&G, Kensie & other optical glasses. The other best part is that their frames/prescription frames are really affordable--starting at $49.00!

💛   The Amy Frame Computer Only Lens $59.00 RX Lens $99.00
Getting back to focusing on you this New Year, I am not 100% ready to put my 2018 on paper {blog} yet, but taking care of myself so I can lead a healthy, happy, & creative,  productive New Year are all things I am starting to put in motion.

Wanting to see a new you this coming year? Start with the Code: SPECTACLES for 10% your Phonetic Computer Eyewear.

As for my basket of NYE goodies; they are all mainly from Target's dollar spot & party sections. Just fun headbands, a glitzy sleep mask, & party noisemakers--essentials for a night in or out on the town.

This is my last post for 2017. Thank you for all who have read & followed this past year. I am truly grateful & am very much looking ahead as well as forward to sharing more creative content this coming year. Stay tuned for NEW posts after the arrival of the New Year.

Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve: The Christmas Spectacles: A Poem

December 23, 2017

The Christmas Spectacles

One Christmas Eve
There was a girl who no longer believed

The light that once shined bright
Fizzled out in her plain sight.

Warm memories faded
Her creative spirit turned jaded.

Walking out to sit under the evening sky
She looked above to ponder the reason why.

Something moved to her right
Squinting, she couldn't make the figure out with all her eyes' might.

Finally, as he drew near,
His image became more clear.

"For it's Christmas Eve," said the man
"& It's an important time for those who give not wanting to receive."

He was clothed in burgundy silk
With a beard as white as milk.

"It's important to carry the creative light,
"For I know you used to write.
Christmas is a time for retrieving 
A bit of has been lost."

He handed the girl a tiny box
It was wrapped in golden cornstalks. 

Gently, untying the delicate string
She finally saw something.

In the box, rested a pair of glasses
Wonderful to the masses.

They were lovely & yellow
Suddenly she felt inspired & mellow.

Slipping the spectacles on
Her imagination lit up like the break of dawn.

He had given her back her lost light
The spectacular spectacles were her new creative sight.

A Christmas Poem 

Merry Christmas & thank you for reading The Yellow Spectacles all year long--I'll be back December 28th with my last 2017 blog post--something special for New Year's Eve! Happy Holidays!


The Plaza Hotel/NYC 

Santa Paws: Dog Holiday Gift Guide

December 20, 2017

"Pets are people too...Especially during the Holidays." So says Riley & Bentley. 🎄

I have to say, pet shopping is just as big {& important} as shopping for people during this time of year. After all, a new warm bed, sweater, or collar to interchange your furry friend's worn & tired apparel is a much welcomed present.

If your dogs are like mine, they come to know their own stockings & exactly what it means when they stockings get hung--presents! & If yours are really like mine, they pretty much are here just for the wrapping paper & empty boxes to shred...lol.

If you haven't picked something up for your pet{s} yet--there's still time! Below, I am sharing a few picks that I really like & seem to be well made & durable.  What good is a dog bed if you can't wash it... 🎄



In addition to the items in the widget, I think {possibly purchased a holiday gift these fleece do shirts by Gooby are great to keep your animals warm in the winter. A gentle reminder that holiday indoor plants like poinsettias and holiday are harmful to your pets----take extra precautions! 

Riley & Bentley {really pushed for this post} want to take a moment & wish you & your pets a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

A Gift Guide for the Creative Gal in Your Life

December 18, 2017

"The Things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling."-Anonymous ~On Creativity.~ 

I know the blog & Insta world has been aglow with gifts guides & present suggestions--cozy socks, pillows, faux fur blankets, & other less for lux items.

I want to put together a gift guide a little different--still timely & trendy, but with a creative twist. Here is my 2017 Creative Holiday Gift Guide for Her {some could work for him too, I imagine}

While everything is linked in the shoppable widget below {email subscribers may have to open my blog in Safari/Chrome} But I want to call out a few favorites I added in...

Creative gals like creative gifts....lol

Gift Guide for the Creative Gal 💫

Earrings {c/o} Lisi Lerch & Bracelet Bryn Hudson Jewelry {c/o}

- LUMee DUO LED Lighted iPhone: I have a LUMee, but not the DUO case, but OH-MY-GOSH bloggers & avid picture takers with their iPhones this is the gift that keeps giving--the light is so good-I use mine even for IG Stories when talking & such.

-Glitter Slime Kit: I think this is perfect for the '#adlut' to let loose & jump on the slime making bandwagon. I picked a few craft kits like this that would make for fun snowed-in day activities. Plus, this is a glitter slime kit.

-Instax Wide Glitter Picture Frame: I have one of these too {in gold} they just make a creative way to display your fave photos & it's kind-of mesmerizing when you give the frame a good shake.

-STMT DIY Crystal Soap Kit: Crystals are super trendy today & while I have a few crystal rocks this is just a fun kit that you can make your own. Plus, you're actually making crystal soap.

I hope you find this gift guide inspiring for the creative person on your shopping list. Hey, there is still time to purchase those holiday presents! Follow me on Instagram for more ideas @katelynchef

Holiday Happy Mail: Nantucket Winter Wishes

December 14, 2017

As the years go by I have sadly noticed the fact that less & fewer holiday cards arrive in the mail....I am not sure why. Aside from everything going digital the idea of getting a tangible card in the mail still sounds like a merry idea to me. ☆☆☆

Really, I should say, I appreciate pretty holidays cards {not ones that look like they came in one of those charity packages where they send you a bundle for free, lol}. & I am definitely not a fan of those braggy cards detailing every moment from the past year. Just a simple holiday greeting & maybe a few interesting highlights or words of cheer works for me.

However, if you are one of the people who still loves to send  {& love recieve} Christmas cards you'll want to see these New England/Nantucket inspired holiday cards. One of my favorite travel sights is the Nantucket is the Harbor--Here it's festively shown in this illustrated card.


☆ Happy Mail ☆

So who creates these cute prints & cards? It's JKM {Jennifer} / Parks and Mads. Jennifer is an illustrator--she has an Etsy Shop where she illustrates quaint New England images such as these featured here.

 ★ Skate with Plaid Scarf ☆

In this post you'll see cards featuring:

- The Nantucket Harbor {I framed this one}

- Skate Set w/ Plaid Scarf {so cute}

-Brant Point Light House Flat Card {really festive}

☆Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive...Send a Mailed Holiday Card ★

Also, if you're one who likes to personalize their holiday cards; Jennifer can create a custom crest or monogram for either you or your family's name.

Follow her on Instagram @ParksandMads ☆★☆

I'll be sharing more throughout the season on Instagram @KatelynChef

& Let me know {helloyellowspecs@gmail.com} if you're a reader/blogger & like to exchange Christmas cards.

Wrapped In Plaid: & A Holiday {Ice} Bucket-List

December 11, 2017

If there's one time of year that I can really get into plaid, tartan, & buffalo check it's the holidays. As I mentioned in a post earlier, I am really not in the Christmas spirit this year which is a little difficult working as a writer & being a blogger as it's 100% merriment & Christmas cheer. I am not to the point where it's bah humbug 24/7, but I'm just not jolly about it--you know?

So, to hopefully kick my spirits up a notch I dressed in plaid with red lips & the prettiest clutch {I try to be an incurable optimist}--it helped. Also, I have made a 'Christmas Bucket-List' you know, to get excited about something & try to be festive my own way.

Bosom Buddy Holiday Clutch {c/o} 💚

Within the last couple of years {I think blogging has had a lot to do with this}, I have become more focused on 'experiences' versus 'things.'  For the most part, it's trips, travels, photos, & memories that I recall on for happiness opposed to items, clothing, & stuff. Being a blogger, I have required a lot of stuff {ha ha} & while I have a great appreciation for everything, I am looking ahead to declutter things & 'hoard' more memories opposed to materials. From reading & TV segments I hear this is the new way millennials are starting to think--which it makes sense!

Hopefully, I haven't depressed you too much, but with commercials, blogs, stores, & all the gift pushing it makes want to make tweaks  & where I'd like to focus my creative energy.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good gift guide {I've written many} but at the day's end, I often think about the time I visited Nantucket & how grateful {& how much} I want to go back. I want to do more things like that!

Is it just me or do you prefer experiences opposed to things?

Kate Spade Eye Glass 🌲
Lisi Lerch Button Pearls Earrings/Clip-On {c/o}🌲

Okay, let's leave on a happy note, What do you call a singing Elf? A wrapper!

P.S. The green plaid green linking in this post, Target marked down to nearly $10.00 in a few colors--if you can find one-I recommend as it runs true to size. For reference, I am wearing a small.

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Ancestry & The Gingerbread Man: Ft 23andMe

December 9, 2017

They're cute enough to eat, seasonally festive, & as stylish as your imagination makes them out to be--who are they? They're gingerbread men {& women}. Have you ever wondered, where did the idea of creating edible cookie people originate from?

True, gingerbread houses are of German descent, but after I researched online, I found out that the ginger people {cookies not hair color, lol} are English. Yep, Queen Elizabeth I {reigned 1558-1603} actually brought them into her court when she hosted foreign dignitaries & other royalty!

She even went the creative extra mile & had the cookies decorated to match her guest's personalities/physical traits. Cute, right?   

Aside from Gingerbread people, I often wonder about my own ancestry. Growing up, I have been told I am part Polish, German, & a few other things--but nothing has ever been 100% proven--which is why I am so excited to share this holiday gift idea with all of you--23andMe Ancestry Kit.

{Please note, this post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com on behalf of 23andMe. All Opinions are my own} 

Really, what's better than giving the gift that can confirm your ancestry & continue to strengthen the connection with your family.?! Since the holidays are a time for family togetherness, it would be an ideal occasion to test your ancestry & share your results {with the ones you hold dear}. You know, as you gather around the tree.


"With 23andMe, you can share your genetic information with your family members to get an even clearer picture of who you are and where you come from."

23andMe @23andMe/Instagram 

I really think this DNA sample kit is a pretty cool idea {& I am looking forward to seeing my results} to gift as a present. They have two kits---Health & Ancestry Kits. It works like this, "We analyze, compile, and distill the information extracted from your DNA into 75 + reports you can access online and share with family and friends"--23andMe.

It's a pretty simple process--order your kit, follow the instructions {spit in the tub & register it online}, mail back {pre-paid package}, & in 6-8 weeks, you'll get an email sharing your results! See more here.

If you're looking into gifting someone insight into their ancestry, take advantage of 23andMe's holiday specials until Dec 26th! See here.

Who knows, you may be in Queen Elizabeth's family tree!

Thank you, Babbleboxx.com, on behalf of 23andMe for sponsoring this post. #23andmegifting

Add a Little Holiday Sparkle: Favorite Holiday 2017 Accessories

December 7, 2017

Tis the season to sparkle & shine...

With it officially being December, would you agree that this month out of the 12 is one of the 'most fun' months to dress for? Everything is just heightened a bit of glamour, sparkle, & glitter.

Accessorize your holiday outfits is always fun as there are so many unique & pretty additions to kick it up a bit. In the widget & photos, I am sharing this year's festive picks...That I guarantee will add a sparkle to your look & a twinkle in your eye!

Velvet/Velour Hair Ties  💚

Pretty little things tied up with strings are a fave of mine--especially adding it to my hair...hair ribbons are the most festive thing {to me at Christmastime}. This year, simple velvet ribbon tied around my ponytail is my new go-to.

Bosom Buddy Bags Holiday Plaid  {c/o}

Statement Clutch 💚

You'd be surprised at what I can fit inside this Bossom Buddy Holiday 2017 clutch! To be honest, I have it on a little glass pedestal in my room as it's more of an art piece--so beautiful & definitely a perfect holiday accessory to have.

Clip-On Pearl Button Lisi Lerch Earrings {c/o}

Pearl Earrings 💚

No matter the time of year, pearls are a favorite of mine, but something about Christmastime & pearls that really festive to me. These button {clip-on} earring are from Lisi Lerch! I think they are ideal to wear with a simple knit sweater or a more dressier holiday outfit--very versatile!

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

Glitter 💚

I am not going to lie when I saw the 'unicorn snot' glitter at Bath and Body Works I was so excited. It reminded me when I used to buy the little glitter tubes at Limited Too as a kid/teen. lol Does anyone else recall those days? Well, glitter is Back! Just a touch on your eyes, cheeks, or lips will do! Plus, this Unicorn Snot glitter gel is pretty hard to find--it's sold out at a bunch of stores!

Altogether Now...

I will share more on my Instagram Stories--follow me @Katelynchef

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