Looking to 2018 with Phonetic Computer Eyewear

It's safe to say that December has been a month jammed packed with content...which makes me a bit nervous for the rest of the winter's content as it has been pretty much: go, go, go!

Now that the gift guides have been read by bloggers & holiday shoppers alike, the gift wrap has been recycled, & the cookies have been eaten it's time to slowly groove back into real life. With one more holiday on the horizon, New Year's Eve surely blogs will be sharing different party outfits to wear while ringing in 2018.

{Note, this post is a collaboration with Phonetic Eyewear. All opinions are my own.}

However, if you're like me you are still thinking about what New Year perspective you want to take on & what you hope to see for the upcoming year. This New Year, I am literally looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes--with the help from Phonetic Computer Eyewear.

You may remember my review of this eye company last spring{here} but after a season of treating others, it's nice to treat yourself--especially your eyes!

💖  The Amy Frame in Emerald Tortoise 

Bloggers & Instagrammers will note that digital eye strain is a real problem which is why this particular eyeglass company works to keep eye strain at bay.

They put a special lens in their frames {you can see it/the tint in the flay lay images here} that 'absorb a  portion of blue light emitted from computers, smartphones,  & other digital devices.' For more info, you can read it here.

When I wear my glasses from Phonetic it's like my eyes are being hugged all day.
Pearl Necklace from Chappy Happy

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My thoughts? I own a good number of frames & I can honestly say that their frames & lens feel different pertaining to my eyes & how they feel in the best possible way. As mention above, this is my second pair of glasses from them & its hard to put it in words, but when I wear my glasses from Phonetic it's like my eyes are being hugged all day. Funny but true. My relatively frequent headaches seem to not be present on the days when I wear these frames opposed to my Prada, D&G, Kensie & other optical glasses. The other best part is that their frames/prescription frames are really affordable--starting at $49.00!

💛   The Amy Frame Computer Only Lens $59.00 RX Lens $99.00
Getting back to focusing on you this New Year, I am not 100% ready to put my 2018 on paper {blog} yet, but taking care of myself so I can lead a healthy, happy, & creative,  productive New Year are all things I am starting to put in motion.

Wanting to see a new you this coming year? Start with the Code: SPECTACLES for 10% your Phonetic Computer Eyewear.

As for my basket of NYE goodies; they are all mainly from Target's dollar spot & party sections. Just fun headbands, a glitzy sleep mask, & party noisemakers--essentials for a night in or out on the town.

This is my last post for 2017. Thank you for all who have read & followed this past year. I am truly grateful & am very much looking ahead as well as forward to sharing more creative content this coming year. Stay tuned for NEW posts after the arrival of the New Year.

Happy New Year!


  1. Amazing look!
    Happy Holidays!
    Gil Zetbase

  2. very nice party tools, love its
    New make-up review on my blog <<< unicorn make up trend >>>
    have a nice day, kisses

  3. This eyewear suits you beautifully, frames your face nicely and I think you look incredibly classy :)

    Laura xo

  4. These frames are SO cute! I stare at the computer all day so these are definitely frames that I might need! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your outfit is so cute!! I've been loving Phonetic eyewear - such a clever company! Happy New Year!!
    - Meghan | prepsterinpearls.com

  6. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year!! Happy New Year, my friend! XOXO



  7. Sounds like a great brand for eye wear and this sure look good on you. Thanks for sharing. You sold me on it being affordable. Love!!
    Cheers to a new blessed year.


  8. simply beautiful!I love it. So inspiring.
    mary ann

  9. THey are lovely glasses on you! I like that they cancel out blue light too, an essential if you spend a lot of time working on a computer! :)

    Happy new year! Hope that 2018 is off to an amazing start for you, and you had a wonderful Christmas time.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Those are the cutest frames! I remember when you collaborated with them before and it makes me want to get some lenses for myself! Especially when I look at computers most of the day. Happy new year!


    1. Elise! Thank you--yes, I do really recommend this eyeglass brand!-Katelyn xx

  11. Happy New Year, beauty! I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead! This eyeglass company sounds wonderful, I'll have to keep them in mind, since I too wear glasses and have noticed that my vision has, unfortunately, gotten worse over the past couple of years and I'm sure starring at my computer and phone for hours is the reason why. Thanks so much for sharing and once again, Happy New Year!



  12. You look amazing babe! Love this look on you!
    Happy New Year!
    Much love, Len