Thoughts for 2018 & New Year Motivation

Happy 2018! From just living, lol, I know that the start of a New Year is often a chance for a self-renewal. Some people are more than ready to forget this past year & look to the future. 2015 was like that for me--although I actually didn't mind 2017 too much, I am very hopeful that 2018 will be better--with newer, brighter, bigger, & shiny opportunities--you?

While I don't make New Year Resolutions--if I want to make a change--I'll make it here & now--I do have some thoughts I should stamp on my blog.

photos were taken at NYC'S Rockefeller Center Kate Spade Store {new location}

1. No Social Media Fuss: No more complaining about social media {ahem, Instagram} It is what it is & frankly, I am getting a bit annoyed with people tweeting about it--lol. I wrote a blog post last year about this {here} & I am standing by it--I am just going to focus on what I love & hopefully, others will follow {literally, haha} & love my content too.

2. Owning Writing: You may already know this, but I am a writer & content creator. While writing as a profession isn't anything new--what I do {& I am sure others around the world do} is--everything from content planning, creating, writing, photographing, & pitching (all falls under my umbrella.) I used to be not 'embarrassed', but reluctant to share my work with others outside of social media as it's different than the standard 9-5 job. But no, I shouldn't feel that/this way--in many ways, it's a daily hustle to be a writer & media maker...I should feel proud to share what I do.  & I do.

3. Travel: Travel is a luxury & I don't always have that opportunity to go & travel. While plenty of places are on my list, let's be specific-- I am hoping that Nantucket is in my 2018 future.

4. Read: Ovisiouly, I read, but its never for luxury--I want to set aside time & read more articles that online writers have written & I would like to read, Girl Boss sometime this year. 

5. Appreciation: I think it's important to show those permanently in your life & those who meet for a second appreciation. I like to think I do do this, but it's nice to remind oneself to remember to show gratitude & kindness to all you interact with.   

I think the secret to making a life change or a New Year's Resolution is (for one) wanting to change & secondly, having self-discipline. I found that having a routine is the best way to stay on top of goals, paperwork, hobbies, & life.  Sometimes, I am too good with a routine & get stuck in ruts, but learning how to be disciplined yet a bit flexible; I think makes for a healthy lifestyle.

You? Any resolutions or ways you keep motivated for the New Year? Tweet me @chef_katelyn 


  1. I all-around loved this post! Instagram madness on Twitter is starting to make me a little crazy as well - we can't change it, so we'll just have to make the best of things and stop complaining!! I'm also with you about new year's resolutions - each day is a new chance to change! Defintiely one of my favorite posts!!
    - Meghan |

  2. I'm so ready to start the new year fresh! Wishing you a happy new year, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. I love all of these, especially your social media thoughts. I agree, it is what it is...we can't keep complaining forever! :)