You Can P.L.A.Y. with Us: Keep Your Pets Warm this Winter

Winter can be a cozy time of the year, but it can also be a bone-chilling one too.  Just as you & I prep for the cold with extra blankets, warm slippers, & thermal outdoor gear, we need to do the same for our pets too. It's absolutely freezing here now! ⛄

💛   Luxe throw to protect furniture 💛  {c/o}

Luckily, for Riley & Bentley, they are indoors most of the colder months. However, like most small breeds, they have fine fur & do get chilly inside---which is why they layer up!


If you have pets--inside or outside be sure to look out for their well-being.

Here are a few ways to keep your dogs {and cats} warm & safe this winter:

  • Coats: Invest in a coat for your pet--if you have a bigger dog, they are probably warm enough inside without one, but outdoors they should wear something warm --like this winter pet jacket
  • Dog Booties: While there is pet-friendly snow-salt not everyone uses them! Slipping pet booties on your dog's feet for winter walks & potty-breaks will keep their paws safe.
  • Heated Water Bowls: If you keep your animals outdoors--be mindful of the temps--as water freezes first--for working & outdoor animals they have pet bowls that are heated. Here's a link to a thermal pet water bowl
  • Winter's Wrath: Watch the forecast--dog's body temperatures are between 101 and 102 degrees F--they can suffer frostbite & hypothermia just like humans!
  • Warm Beds: Create a cozy & warm place for them to sleep. A nice bed, warm blankets, even a little spot the heater/fireplace will have your pup cozy for a long winter's nap. I love this snuggle P.LA.Y. pet bed.

 💛  Houndstooth Check Pattern Lounge Bed💛   {c/o}


Riley & Bentley are enjoying their new pet bed {it's light blue w/ a houndstooth print} from 
P. L.A.Y. Which is not ''your everyday dog bed.'' Their beds are 100% natural cotton, made from recycled materials, {& most importantly} 100% machine washable!

As the seasons' change & you want to switch up your home decor, they outer covers unzip & you can slip on a new design. When you're shopping, they break it down by--small, medium, & large dogs--while Riely & Bentley are small they are in a P. L.A.Y.  size medium bed {so, they can sleep together}.

Aside from beds, they specialize in luxe blankets & throws to protect your furniture from doggy damage in a variety of textures & colors. Follow P.L.A.Y on Instagram @PETPLAYSF


  1. Awww...cutest pups ever!!


  2. OMG love this post! All the photos are adorable plus I love dogs so it just made me so happy :) I have never heard of heated water bowls, so interesting! I have a heated blanket at the end of my bed just for my dog haha!

    Lauren Lindmark |

    1. we do heating pads--supervised of course! Thanks, Lauren xx--Katelyn

  3. SO ADORABLE!!! I'm really hoping for a little pup by next year and will definitely be book-marking this post!

    Meghan |