Warm Flannel Hugs: Winter Jammies

Flannel Monogram Lounge Pants  💜💙

Brrr...Bae, it's cold outside! Past the holidays, winter is prime cozy pajama time. After all, it's getting dark out so early & {most} of the days are in a winter gray haze.

With winter & the early darkness, I don't mind unwinding from daily clothes into warm, flannel pajamas--especially if they are monogrammed!

{note, this post is in collaboration with BTBS, all thoughts are mine}

In the photos, these personalized PJs are from Born to be Sassy Boutique--the pants are super soft, flannel, monogrammed, & they have pockets!

I am not sure about you, but I like to have my jammies roomie--so, I usually size up {these are a size medium}

I Like Warm Flannel Hugs {lol} 💙

What about you? At the end of the day, are your pajamas calling your name?! Aside from the ones I photographed, I am sharing a few of my other favorites below--I really like the flannel Ralph Lauren nightgowns--I have a Christmas pair, but the purple tartan ones below have caught my eye!

For more, read the Born to Be Sassy Blog!

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  1. I've seen those RL nightgowns too and I think they are so cute! Plus the colors are so darn cozy :)