Holiday Happy Mail: Nantucket Winter Wishes

As the years go by I have sadly noticed the fact that less & fewer holiday cards arrive in the mail....I am not sure why. Aside from everything going digital the idea of getting a tangible card in the mail still sounds like a merry idea to me. ☆☆☆

Really, I should say, I appreciate pretty holidays cards {not ones that look like they came in one of those charity packages where they send you a bundle for free, lol}. & I am definitely not a fan of those braggy cards detailing every moment from the past year. Just a simple holiday greeting & maybe a few interesting highlights or words of cheer works for me.

However, if you are one of the people who still loves to send  {& love recieve} Christmas cards you'll want to see these New England/Nantucket inspired holiday cards. One of my favorite travel sights is the Nantucket is the Harbor--Here it's festively shown in this illustrated card.


☆ Happy Mail ☆

So who creates these cute prints & cards? It's JKM {Jennifer} / Parks and Mads. Jennifer is an illustrator--she has an Etsy Shop where she illustrates quaint New England images such as these featured here.

 ★ Skate with Plaid Scarf ☆

In this post you'll see cards featuring:

- The Nantucket Harbor {I framed this one}

- Skate Set w/ Plaid Scarf {so cute}

-Brant Point Light House Flat Card {really festive}

☆Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive...Send a Mailed Holiday Card ★

Also, if you're one who likes to personalize their holiday cards; Jennifer can create a custom crest or monogram for either you or your family's name.

Follow her on Instagram @ParksandMads ☆★☆

I'll be sharing more throughout the season on Instagram @KatelynChef

& Let me know {} if you're a reader/blogger & like to exchange Christmas cards.


  1. I still send mine in the mail! But you're right..with so much social media..people just don't send them anymore..which makes me sad because I love getting cards in the mail!


  2. I love Christmas cards and my family always sends them in the mail. There's nothing better than getting packages/cards via snail mail lol! I'm in love the card you send me (obsessed with it, actually). This is my first year blogging so hopefully next year I can get my act together and make cards to exchange with you and my other readers!

    Meghan |

  3. Getting cards in the mail is always so fun! These ones you shared are so cute!