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Walking With Spring & Lillybee University

March 28, 2016

Hey guys. By now you have heard of Lillybee University--you'll remember them from my previous MSU rain boot post. Lillybee is the online chic collegiate shoe site that allows you to customize your footwear to show off your favorite team{s} & school/sorority color spirit.

It makes sense that rain boots are spring's shoe staples, but when it isn't raining Lillybee U makes darling stripe flats.

They have their flats broken down by; School, Color, & Sorority. After you decide on how you want to dress your perfect flat, you can then customize the flats with their licensed line of collegiate bows/clips {yeah with school logos & mascots} &/or an assortment of spirited snaps.

Pretty darling concept right? With the weather finally starting to look promising, I am wearing Lillybee's The University of Mount Union {deep purple & black} strip flat with their black clip on bows.

In this case, UMU is famed for being home of The Purple Raiders & the Lillybee stripe flat reflects this perfectly.

The shoe itself is a soft cloth Poly-Cotton fabric with a rubber sole. Both Lillybee & myself recommend if you wear 1/2 sizes to go down one size when buying your flat.

If they carry The University of Mount Union in their line of flats--I am more than confident that they have your school too.

While I admit, long being graduated, I won't be running to & from class in these Lillybee shoes {which I am 100% okay with}, but they are rather charming to fling with spring in. & Of course, bragging rights...alma mater shoes & all.

Shop the complete Lillybee school flat list here! Have a great week!


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Lillybee U: Michigan State Spartans Weather

March 25, 2016

March can be a loud month. After all, March comes in roaring like a lion with all of its wind, snow, sleet, & rain--yuck! & then, there is the other March loudness--the cheering from all of the team crazed college basketball fans otherwise known as March Madness.

While, I don't particularly suffer from March Madness anxiety nor do I cling to a printed out bracket with tears glistening in my eyes--some members of my family do...well, my dad does.

Free Shipping & Free Returns Always!
Seriously, I am not a big team-sport cheering fanatic, but my household is a BIG Michigan State University household & well, I have grown to like MSU{at least enough to ask my dad if they won or not}...Okay, I secretly cheer for them too. You got me. 

Luckily, the one team I decided to adopt is a pretty good team--MSU is rather excellent at both football & basketball which makes wearing these darling Lillybee U Sparty rain boots I was gifted all the better. Now, my team spirit can show regardless of the weather.  

MSU Spartans Striped Rain Boots 
Have you heard of Lillybee U? If not you need to know to learn their name--Lillybee U!!

Lillybee makes a variety of fancy striped team inspired footwear for classy girls who want to show-off their team spirit & wear their school colors stylishly as well as proudly. 

Their various collegiate shoes styles {flats, wedges, sandals, & rain boots} can all be customized with the brand's iconic stripe combinations each unique to the team & colors you wish to represent. 

Spare Parts
After selecting your stripes, you can then customize your shoe of choice with their different snap-on buttons & bows. Lillybee calls this their 'Spare Parts Program'.  Cute right? 

 Lillybee has all the major universities covered with everyone one from the Ohio State University down to the Winston Salem State Rams. Really, Lillybee even carries flats from my alma-mater, The University of Mount Union. 

As you can tell, the options are endlessly too cute. Lillybee U even has a line dedicated to sororities which they launched back in 2014. They offer their stripe flats in various colors to match the different university sorority chapters. & yes, the sorority flats come with the option of selecting interchangeable snaps, clips, & bows to accessorize the shoe's tops. 

What better way to showoff your Greek letters? I think they even have a snap for that!    

While college & everyday attire is well displayed at Lillybee U--they have big plans to launch Lillybee Pro to their already popular {& growing!} brand. 

Follow Lillybee U on Instagram @LillybeeUniversity  #collegefashion
If this is the first place & time you have heard of Lillybee U, I am flattered! However,  the brand has been featured everywhere from O Magazine to Teen Vogue. Pretty cool right?

Well, Lillybee does has some pretty cool ideas & ever prettier stripes. See & pick for yourself! 

What's your team? .......Go Spartans! 

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Bow-T-Ful Bows

March 21, 2016

Instagram @KatelynChef
Hello Spring! & Hello to one of my favorite accessories--the bow.

Nope, bows are no longer for six year olds. In fact, whether you appreciate a cute bow on a Kate Spade New York bag or on the top of a Lilly Bee University flat; bows are all the rage. Dare I say, bows are even demure? Yes!

Really, even tying a simple satin bow at the base of a of a low pony-tail is getting in on the bow trend.

Twitter @Chef_Katelyn
I personally like bows because they can be classy, sassy, elegant, youthful, sophisticated, & playful.
Have you ever met a bow you didn't like?

Pinterest @KatelynAChef
 Yeah, that's what I thought too. Feel free to browse my selection of bows & shop the links. Have a Bow-t-ful day.

Boys wear bows too!

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Belle Jar DIY

March 18, 2016

Belle Cloche
Confession. I love decorating with glass cake domes both big, small, elegant, & simple. Really, you can set anything under a glass dome & it automatically looks swanky.

Another word for decorative cake domes is Cloche . In french, a cloche translate to 'bell' which makes sense as the clear glass covers resemble the shape of a bell.

Beauty & The Beast 
In the foodie world, these domes are used to cover sweets, cheese, & other edible objects. In the decorating world, I have seen elegant shoes, faux flowers, jewels, to odd nicknacks placed under a cloche.


I suppose,  my obsession with these glass covers started way back when I saw Disney's Beauty & The Beast.

If you recall, there was an enchanted rose placed under a cloche. & If you really recall, Belle was enchanted by it.

This got me inspired to create my own clothe which I am calling a 'Belle Jar'--get it? It's super simple to make.

An Enchanted Rose...
You'll Need:

  • A faux rose {any craft store}
  • A small-medium size clothe { again, any craft store or antique place}
  • A beautiful dresser or end table in your home to set on for display

This DIY is so simple & a beauty. Just ask the beast.

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Take a Bath with Me! Bath!

March 14, 2016

Their bah soaks come in large & mini sizes
What if I told you that you could indulge in two of your favorite things at once...well, if you love ice cream & love taking a bath then you're in some serious luck. Make that some serious relaxation!

Introducing ME! Bath. Perhaps, you have heard of them or have even purchased one of their products from online or at Target?


If you are new to ME! Bath they are a high quality { never tested on animals } bath & body company known for their bath bombs, fizzies, body washes, lotions, & body icing.

What is really exciting about the products is that they come in a wide selection of ice cream flavors--with zero guilt & zero calories.

@mebath on Twitter
The Yellow Specs was gifted with an Ice Cream Sandwich pumice stone and their Summer Rain Mini Bath Ice Cream bath bombs. luxurious & decadent.

"Doing simple things exceedingly well"-ME! Bath.

Their various bath bombs have detoxifying capabilities and they are made with six 'oil blend, purifying minerals, Epsom salts' & yummy scents.

All of Me! Bath's products are made in sunny California & are eco-friendly with biodegradable packaging. So Cali right?!

Me! Bath states about their goodies, "With only 24 hours in a day, it's hard to find time for yourself! Give yourself some serious 'ME' time with the fun & playful Ice Cream Collection by ME! Bath."   
ME! Bath is so scrumptious you'll want to hoard all the sweet flavors for yourself. You can visit your local Target or shop the ME! Bath Ice Cream Collection here & on my Shop Style Collective feed below.

Ice Cream Scented!
Keep up with ME! Bath on their blog & Twitter feed.

So, go ahead & schedule so "ME!' time...what's your flavor?

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Blog Ogling: Bowtiful Life

March 11, 2016

A bird's gotta eat. A fish has gotta swim & a blogger gotta blog. It's just the way of nature. So, it makes sense that blogger darling, Megan Rogers-Reilley is a fun, preppy, fashion- obsessed, blogger based in Chicago, Illinois.

When Megan isn't attending classes at Loyola University, hanging with her  Chi Omega Lambda Mu sorority sisters, drinking coffee, & of course, shopping--she is blogging over at her personal fashion hot spot, Bowtiful Life.

The Yellow Spectacles took a look through Megan's blogging specs to see what it is like to be a Chicago based fashion blogger & a Teen Vogue Ambassador.

Intrigued? Keep on reading....

Follow her blog on Instagram 

The Yellow Specs: Can you tell me a little bit about your blog?
Megan: To keep it short and sweet, I'd categorize  Bowtiful Life as a Chicago based life and style blog. However, I am a little bit of everything! Outfit of the day posts is my favorite kind of content to create, but I also design down loadable computer wallpaper, curate monthly Spotify playlists, post event recaps, personal posts, and much more!  

TYS: What made you want to start blogging?
M: I first started blogging my junior year of high school...I have already been a reader of blogs like,"Classy Girls Wear Pearls" by Sarah Vickers and "The College Prepster" by Carly A. Heitlinger and loved the idea of having my own space where I could share my personal style as well as ideas, thoughts, and opinions. January 2016 the blog is four years old!

TYS:How did you become a Teen Vogue Ambassador?
M: I had the fantastic experience of joining Teen Vogue's Fashion U in their Conde Nast offices during March of last year! While I was there, I got to meet some remarkable people and make some great contacts. As a Teen Vogue Ambassador, I work with Teen Vogue and their various partners to share brand's ideas and or products while also giving my two cents on them.
I've gotten to work with Mean Stinks {an anti-bullying campaign by Secret}, SOREL, American Apparel, Maybelline, Simple, Ryan Porter, LeSportsac to name a few.

TYS: Aside from blogging & rubbing elbows with editors, media personnel, & publishing tycoons...what else do you do?
M: Academically: I am enrolled full time at Loyola University in Chicago and I am working on my bachelor degree in communications with a minor in studio art.
Business Wise: I have a part-time job.
Hobbies: I go on 'mini adventures' in Chicago to explore downtown areas that I am not familiar with, I spend my free time relaxing at a local Starbucks {usually working on my blog}, I love watching shows like; Law & Order and NCIS, and I really love painting on canvas and crafting to fulfill my love for art.    

TYS: What do you do when you're lacking creative inspiration?
M: When I am having trouble coming up with content or I have writer's block, there are a few things I do to get my creative juices flowing. I walk around downtown Chicago, scroll through Pinterest, read posts from bloggers I follow on Bloglovin', or spend time going through Tumblr.
I'm a very visual person, so bright and colorful images tend to spark my creativity.

Well, there's definitely one thing we can all take away from Megan & her darling blog--if we're ever experiencing a creative slump we'll just have to click on over to the blog, Bowtiful Life to get inspired & our creative juices flowing once more. Naturally. 

Thanks Megan!

Marble Marvel

March 7, 2016

Spotting new home decor trends is something I like to do & stay current on. Recently, I noticed a rise in the use of marble in various home accents.

Target Threshold Table 
I have seen everything from faux marble cell phone cases to flower vases & side end table tops. Truthfully, marble can be pricey, but retailers like Target are adding in marble accents with very affordable price tags--plus, if you can get it on clearance--you're golden.

It's never good to go overboard on new trends as they can go in & out of style quickly. I think it's a safe bet to say that marble is a home classic, but your taste changes too.

I'd recommend that you gradually incorporate marble into your home with a simple flower vase, side table, or bathroom cup & tissue boxset.

This way, you can see how it meets your home decor taste. Below, you'll see a few of my marble picks.

Are you ready to give marble a try?

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm

March 4, 2016

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm 
It's no lie. I am crazy about anything lip balm, gloss, & stick related. Luckily, I was blessed with a descent pair of puckers--thank ya' Jesus & basically, I own it all when it comes to lipgloss, balm, & lipstick related--I even have the chapstick that makes your lip buzz a little after it's applied.

True story.


For these reasons & more is why I am so excited to share the rumors--Crazy Rumors Lip Balm. Crazy Rumors Lip Balm is an all natural & vegan based lip balm that comes in over 40 different delicious flavors.

Yep, everything from Mint Chocolate to Red Velvet are available in their balms. It's kind-of like applying flavored butter to your lips.

So, the flavors of Crazy Rumors are pretty fab, but it's what is in the lip balm that is what really rocks.

Crazy Rumors is 100% cruelty free & vegan. Crazy Rumors ships world-wide, & shipping is free with the minimum purchase of $50.

Inside the balm are tons of goodies for your pout such as; certified organic Shea Butter, pure Jojoba Oil, Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, No GMO Soy Wax, Natural /Organic Essential Oils. If you want more details you can visit their ingredients page here:

The best thing about lip balm is that no matter the season, you need it. Crazy Rumors' Peppermint Lemongrass balm is perfect for the harsh winter months & their Raspberry Sherbet is ideal for the sultry summer days.

I don't know about you, but I am a little crazed with their various flavors & balms.

Lilly Print Via History in High Heels
Not convinced yet or already obsessed?  Check all their social feeds out:

  • Facebook, Crazyrumors
  • Twitter, @Crazyrumors
  • Instagram, use #crazyrumors to tag them in!
I know I am not the only one to jump on the crazy lip balm train, Crazy Rumors has been featured in Seventeen Magazine, Allure, & countless others.

 If your obsession with their balm turns into a well, an obsession, you can sign up for the Crazy Rumors Rewards Program--basically a whole lot of incentives for buying lip balm including a point for every dollars spent. Once you've reached 100 points, you'll get a $10 reward to go toward a new purchase. Plus, other incentives, special offers, & five bonus points for signing up.  Whew, but cool!


I already know Crazy Rumors is da balm, but do you? 

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