Lillybee U: Michigan State Spartans Weather

March can be a loud month. After all, March comes in roaring like a lion with all of its wind, snow, sleet, & rain--yuck! & then, there is the other March loudness--the cheering from all of the team crazed college basketball fans otherwise known as March Madness.

While, I don't particularly suffer from March Madness anxiety nor do I cling to a printed out bracket with tears glistening in my eyes--some members of my family do...well, my dad does.

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Seriously, I am not a big team-sport cheering fanatic, but my household is a BIG Michigan State University household & well, I have grown to like MSU{at least enough to ask my dad if they won or not}...Okay, I secretly cheer for them too. You got me. 

Luckily, the one team I decided to adopt is a pretty good team--MSU is rather excellent at both football & basketball which makes wearing these darling Lillybee U Sparty rain boots I was gifted all the better. Now, my team spirit can show regardless of the weather.  

MSU Spartans Striped Rain Boots 
Have you heard of Lillybee U? If not you need to know to learn their name--Lillybee U!!

Lillybee makes a variety of fancy striped team inspired footwear for classy girls who want to show-off their team spirit & wear their school colors stylishly as well as proudly. 

Their various collegiate shoes styles {flats, wedges, sandals, & rain boots} can all be customized with the brand's iconic stripe combinations each unique to the team & colors you wish to represent. 

Spare Parts
After selecting your stripes, you can then customize your shoe of choice with their different snap-on buttons & bows. Lillybee calls this their 'Spare Parts Program'.  Cute right? 

 Lillybee has all the major universities covered with everyone one from the Ohio State University down to the Winston Salem State Rams. Really, Lillybee even carries flats from my alma-mater, The University of Mount Union. 

As you can tell, the options are endlessly too cute. Lillybee U even has a line dedicated to sororities which they launched back in 2014. They offer their stripe flats in various colors to match the different university sorority chapters. & yes, the sorority flats come with the option of selecting interchangeable snaps, clips, & bows to accessorize the shoe's tops. 

What better way to showoff your Greek letters? I think they even have a snap for that!    

While college & everyday attire is well displayed at Lillybee U--they have big plans to launch Lillybee Pro to their already popular {& growing!} brand. 

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If this is the first place & time you have heard of Lillybee U, I am flattered! However,  the brand has been featured everywhere from O Magazine to Teen Vogue. Pretty cool right?

Well, Lillybee does has some pretty cool ideas & ever prettier stripes. See & pick for yourself! 

What's your team? .......Go Spartans! 

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  1. This is such a cool idea! I've never been in tune with all of the basketball happenings, but I will check out these boots--they look great on you!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  2. These boots are too cute!
    xo, Syd

  3. Loving your style, everyone is going craze this month in my university and I just don't find it very interesting, oh well!

    Camila |

  4. Those boots are so cute! And the stripe pattern is perfect. Have a great weekend ahead Katelyn! xoxo

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  5. The boots are adorable! Sadly I don't have any team that I love this much, but I think cheering and supporting your team is lovely!


    1. Thank You Carina! Awe, I agree...they do have solid stripes in just your fav colors too! Happy Spring Girl-Katelyn

  6. Those boots are really unique! You look very cute in this fun outfit!