Blog Ogling: Bowtiful Life

A bird's gotta eat. A fish has gotta swim & a blogger gotta blog. It's just the way of nature. So, it makes sense that blogger darling, Megan Rogers-Reilley is a fun, preppy, fashion- obsessed, blogger based in Chicago, Illinois.

When Megan isn't attending classes at Loyola University, hanging with her  Chi Omega Lambda Mu sorority sisters, drinking coffee, & of course, shopping--she is blogging over at her personal fashion hot spot, Bowtiful Life.

The Yellow Spectacles took a look through Megan's blogging specs to see what it is like to be a Chicago based fashion blogger & a Teen Vogue Ambassador.

Intrigued? Keep on reading....

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The Yellow Specs: Can you tell me a little bit about your blog?
Megan: To keep it short and sweet, I'd categorize  Bowtiful Life as a Chicago based life and style blog. However, I am a little bit of everything! Outfit of the day posts is my favorite kind of content to create, but I also design down loadable computer wallpaper, curate monthly Spotify playlists, post event recaps, personal posts, and much more!  

TYS: What made you want to start blogging?
M: I first started blogging my junior year of high school...I have already been a reader of blogs like,"Classy Girls Wear Pearls" by Sarah Vickers and "The College Prepster" by Carly A. Heitlinger and loved the idea of having my own space where I could share my personal style as well as ideas, thoughts, and opinions. January 2016 the blog is four years old!

TYS:How did you become a Teen Vogue Ambassador?
M: I had the fantastic experience of joining Teen Vogue's Fashion U in their Conde Nast offices during March of last year! While I was there, I got to meet some remarkable people and make some great contacts. As a Teen Vogue Ambassador, I work with Teen Vogue and their various partners to share brand's ideas and or products while also giving my two cents on them.
I've gotten to work with Mean Stinks {an anti-bullying campaign by Secret}, SOREL, American Apparel, Maybelline, Simple, Ryan Porter, LeSportsac to name a few.

TYS: Aside from blogging & rubbing elbows with editors, media personnel, & publishing tycoons...what else do you do?
M: Academically: I am enrolled full time at Loyola University in Chicago and I am working on my bachelor degree in communications with a minor in studio art.
Business Wise: I have a part-time job.
Hobbies: I go on 'mini adventures' in Chicago to explore downtown areas that I am not familiar with, I spend my free time relaxing at a local Starbucks {usually working on my blog}, I love watching shows like; Law & Order and NCIS, and I really love painting on canvas and crafting to fulfill my love for art.    

TYS: What do you do when you're lacking creative inspiration?
M: When I am having trouble coming up with content or I have writer's block, there are a few things I do to get my creative juices flowing. I walk around downtown Chicago, scroll through Pinterest, read posts from bloggers I follow on Bloglovin', or spend time going through Tumblr.
I'm a very visual person, so bright and colorful images tend to spark my creativity.

Well, there's definitely one thing we can all take away from Megan & her darling blog--if we're ever experiencing a creative slump we'll just have to click on over to the blog, Bowtiful Life to get inspired & our creative juices flowing once more. Naturally. 

Thanks Megan!


  1. Oh fun! I love finding Chicago bloggers!

  2. I love learning about new bloggers --thanks for sharing! (:

  3. Oh that is so cool. Megan seems like a cool blogger! Thanks for the interview with her, I love learning about other bloggers. That's part of what makes blogging so fun! :)

    Have a great weekend babe.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    1. I hope your weekend is going well too! Thanks Lily & for reading!

  4. Megan looks really pretty and I can relate to her in the aspect of taking "mini adventures"! Thanks for sharing!