Lisbon, Ohio Johnny Appleseed Fall Festival

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 Lisbon, Ohio Johnny Appleseed Fall Festival 

I am a big advocate for small towns. As someone who has seen {and re-seen} the social media trends, ahem, Instagram {especially in the beginning} the elusive travel-Instagrammer photos that go with social media content creation like peanut butter to jelly. 

While standing cliffside overlooking an epic {and edited} sunset with hot air balloons floating on the horizon with the subject facing straight on, wide brim hat cocked toward the sky are done & re-done, envisioning the potential in American small towns is a little refreshing. 

While many small USA towns {at least where I live} aren't living up to their potential, the vital thing to note is that there is so much potential for small towns to be something really vibrant & just as exciting as a trip to a lush rainforest nestled in the southern hemisphere. A stretch, maybe, but it's all about perspective. 

About the second or third weekend in September, Lisbon, Ohio host its annual Johnny Appleseed street fair to pay homage to Johnny Appleseed {who was from Massachusetts} as he planted one of his many apple orchards along the East Coast in Lisbon, Ohio. Opting to find fun seasonal activities near home can be just as exciting as boarding a plane. 

Fair Rides
Johnny Appleseed Fall Festival, Lisbon, Ohio 

Lisbon, Ohio, Ice Cream Parlor

Fox Pizza Den
Fox's Pizza Den, Lisbon, OH 

Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Lisbon, Ohio
Lisbon, Ohio 

Candy Apples

It's a small-town street fair with a flare for all things apples. While they have your typical fair food vendors, look for apple fritters backed fresh in a tent from a local tent, they're there every year. 

Johnny, or at least his twin dresses in character & sleeps the two nights of the fair in his log cabin that is constructed the night leading up to the festival. You can pop into the little town's Fox's Pizza Den or grab an ice cream from the ice parlor next door.

While I agree this small town could really be more than what it is, it's nice to try & find the uniqueness that is right outside your doorstep. No suitcase is needed. 

apple fritter
Apple Fritter

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Lisbon, Ohio, Small American Town 

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