How to Have a Spooky-Cute Evening at Home

Halloween women's pjs

 How to Have a Spooky-Cute Evening at Home 

In this post, let's have a spooky-cute night in! 

As we speak, you are lighting the fall seasonal candles, topping off the candy bowl, and putting the spooky touches on your home decor. Yes, spooky season is nearly here--are you ready for it?

Surely nights filled with smoky bonfires, burning Jack-O-Lanterns, & Target run for more candy, hosting a spooky-cute evening at home is just one of the many ways to slow down & enjoy the spooky season. 

No matter, if it's just you at home or a few ghouls, hosting a spooky-cute evening at home, doesn't have to be a complicated cauldron of preparations. In fact, having a spooky-cute evening at home is an autumn breeze. You just have to do a day's worth of prepping to set the spooky-eerie-yet cute mood. 

Halloween Front Porch
How to have a spooky cute evening at home

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Doll
Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Doll 

 How to Have a Spooky-Cute Evening at Home 

Hocus Pocus Front Porch
Halloween Front Porch 

Bat Sugar Cookies
Bat Sugar Cookies 

  • Decorate: In order to set the tone, you have to have a seasonal aesthetic surrounding yourself. Luckily, no witchcraft is needed here. However, witch-inspired candles like these really do get anyone in the mood for all things witchy. 
  • Prep Your Porch: Maybe your spooky evening will start outside, on the porch, & as the air gets too chilly, you'll advance the party indoors. Placing spooky yet fun subjects like pumpkins, large spiders, & Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas really haunts the place. 
  • Halloween-Cute Treats: Of course, popcorn is a no-brainer & your candied apples are already chilling inside the frig, but cute bats cookies? These Halloween bat cookies will look adorable on a plate as you start your spooky-cute Halloween evening at home. 
  • Select A Spooky-Cute Movie: I have to say, last Halloween, I watched Hocus Pocus {the OG} & the Halloween movie really put me in the spirit. Select your Halloween TV playlist while you pre-plan your snacks & decor. 
  • Spooky PJs: You heard that right. Take this as your sign to invest in a pair of spooky pants. 
  • Twinkle Lights & Spooky Tunes: In addition to your fall candles, setting the evening's mood with twinkle lights really inspires that whimsical spooky mood. Fluffing your warm cozy blankets while listening to your Halloween-Spooky Fall Playlist is yet another way to celebrate a spooky evening at home. 
Pink Bat Cookie
Spooky-Cute Halloween Cookies 

I hope you found this post on how to have a spooky-cute evening at home to be seasonally inspiring. If so, you'll enjoy this post, featuring tips & ideas for decorating your front porch for fall. Happy Hauntings! 

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