My Go-To Dunkin' Reward Drink Order

Pink Strawberry Dunkin' Refresher

My Go-To Dunkin' Reward Drink Order 

I like spontanenity, but when it comes down to it, I am a creature of habit. The same goes for my daily iced coffee order. I keep it consistent. 

I don't love the spontaneous Dunkin drink price increases {& the now charge for whip cream?}, but when I get the chance to swap my Dunkin' Rewards {yeah, I know, they changed it} for a free beverage, I switch it up. 

This means I take advantage of getting the most expensive Dunkin ice latte I can. 

So, when I get the chance to {free} splurge on my Dunkin' Reward points, what do I order? 

Dunkin almond milk iced latte
Almond Milk Dunkin/ Iced Lattee

Pink Dunkin' Drink
Pink Dunkin' Strawberry Refresher made with coconut milk 

Here is my  My Go-To Dunkin' Reward Drink Order 

I'll have one large iced latte

Made with Almond milk 

Sugar-free almond flavoring

& whip cream     

That's it,  my go-to dunkin' reward drink order.

Dunkin' Rewards Drinks

My mom's Dunkin' Reward drink order is a little more fun { colorful}. She orders a large Dunkin Refresher {usually strawberry or peach} made with coconut milk & whip cream. It's so pretty. 

Typically, we try to save our Dunkin' Reward points so we both can get a free drink at the same time. Usually, we try to save it for a special occasion day or a day when we need something a little more special. 

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Dunkin' Almond Milk ice latte
My Dunkin Rewards Order 

Pink Dunkin' Drink