Let Me Tell You About My 'Aunts': Women Who Inspire Me

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Let Me Tell You About My 'Aunts': Women Who Inspire Me

To be frank, growing up, I never had a best friend who was the same age as I or close to it. I had friends, but deep down, I knew they'd pass me by as we grew older, graduated, moved on, whatever. I was always aware of that.

Thankfully, I had a mom who would buy & do anything for me. However, there was apart of me that yearned for another adult-like figure. You could say a mentor of sorts.

This someone, I hoped to be well-traveled, cultured, interesting to the point where they were on the borderline of cooky. I suppose I was always yearning for one of those cool aunts who hummed show tunes as she drove to the library, collected knick-knacks from her worldly travels, & was strong, independent, & well, cool. 

Of course, I wanted someone like this to take an interest in me & include me in her world views & fabulous adventures. 

Sadly, a biological aunt like this does not exist for me. On one parent side, is a uncle, whose interest in me seemed to dim near the age of 10. 

On the other parent's side is an aunt, however, there never seemed to be a light of interest beaming from her on to me. Ah well, water under the bridge for both parties. 

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Celebrating woman who inspire me for International Woman's Day 

In my youth, teenage adolescence, & now adult years, I realize that that fabulous aunt-figure has not {yet} come into my life. So the story goes,  over the years, I have 'adopted' certain women, mostly Hollywood types that I think would make the coolest aunts. 

As we approach International Woman's Day, March 8th, I wanted to shed light on these selected inspirational women & why I would love for them to be my aunts IRL or imaginary--it's a win-win either way. 

1. Cher: My love for Cher is as deep as Jack's love for Cher & his Cher Barbie in Will & Grace. My roots go way back with Cher & she was my first honorary aunt. Her music & Cher-vibes aside, her constant chill-like persona, animal & political activism make her such a groovy person & a really cool authentic soul. Plus, we're both Tauruses. 

"I admire anybody for standing up for what they believe—man or woman, I don't care. Having beliefs—especially if other people don't agree with you—it's difficult in this day and age." Cher

2. Joan Rivers: From what feels like such a young age, I have loved Joan Rivers. Her cut throat yet honestly hilarious sense of humor & her love for her own grandson, Cooper has always left an impression on me. While some may say she was mean, if you look at her jokes, she's always at the brunt of her own humor. Not only that, but like Cher, Joan was a pioneer in her field as she paved the way for many female comics. 

"If you're going to die. Die interesting." Joan Rivers 

3. Dianne Keaton: I adopted Dianne Keaton as my third aunt when I was in high school. After all, Something's Gotta Give has remained my favorite movie {& in many ways, defining parts of my life}. Dianne's goofy sense of humor & ability to dress & be herself in a world where there's pressure to dress & act a certain way is always inspiring. Plus her hat game, on-point! 

" A sense of freedom is something that, happily comes with age and life experience." Dianne Keaton

4. Jane Fonda: Jane was a later auntie addition. I have always liked Aunt Jane, but after watching Grace & Frankie, I knew I wanted Jane, someone like Jane as aunt. Her political activism aside, her passion for the things she is passionate about is really inspiring. She has had so many acts in life & even in her early 80s she's still engaged & passionate. 

"It's never too late--never too late to start over, never too late to be happy." Jane Fonda

5. Martha Stewart: Martha. My OG auntie. To be honest, I don't recall a time when I didn't wish Martha Stewart was my aunt. I wrote countless school papers on Martha, met her once at the Cleveland Food Show, & of course, write for marthastewart.com. Martha Stewart will always be a great source of inspiration for me both as a person & a Martha-lifestyle.  

"I never pay attention to age or gender. There are just too many other more important things to consider." Martha Stewart 

There is also a strong theme with all of my imaginary aunts. Each one is {was} a strong, independent, successful, passionate, & creative woman. Nothing against men, but on International Woman's Day, I think it's okay to say, woman deserve a head seat at the table. 

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