Sustainable Summer Swaps

Sustainable Summer Swaps 

Summertime, it's safe to say, you're always on my mind.

Summer 2020 first official day is on June 20th, but anytime the sun is high in the sky & the hazy heat calls for quick pool dips & frosty coffee drinks, to me, feels like a true-blue summer day.

As of late, I have been trying to make more eco-friendly lifestyle choices as well as swaps. While it's a bit hard in-Ohio, I am trying to make little steps to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

While living a sustainable lifestyle takes a great deal of research & commitment, I wanted to share a few eco-friendly swaps you can make this summer to better the planet & feel good about spending much deserved time outside.

Sustainable Swimwear 

1. Eco-friendly Swimwear 

We have all heard about SPF protective swimwear {which is amazing} but there are sustainable swimwear choices that you can make this summer!

A New Zealand swimwear company, Snapper Rock, has a sustainable collection where they are transforming otherwise planet & ocean toxic material into swimwear. Snapper Rock is using ECONYL® yarn {created from nylon fish nets} & REPREVE® yarn {created from tossed plastic bottles} to create their rash guards, board shorts, swimsuits, & the liking.

To quote their website, a major benefit from shopping their 2020 sustainability swim collection,

"By selecting recycled materials, we can reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources, such as oil and coal, reduce our water and energy use, and help to clean up our beaches and oceans from discarded waste."

Aside from the super sustainability factor, their rash guards have built-in UPF 50+ protection.

2. Carry Your Own Cutlery 

I have to say, carrying your own straw is hard, I have tried the silicone straw & it's not my favorite, but I know it's better for the ocean & it's residence in the long term. However, I just became aware of carrying your own spoon/fork when visiting quick places to grab a bite to eat is better than using the disposable plastic forks. After all, it only makes sense when you think about it.

Thus far, a wooden fork, knife, spoon, & chopstick set {inside a little pouch} that I purchased from Target's Dollar Spot makes this lifestyle swap easy--& cute!

3. Reef Safe Sunscreen

This summer, at the pool, I will be using Reef Safe Sunscreen. This will be my first attempt trying to do so, but a recent trip to Miami made me realize that investing in sunscreen that is reef safe is an important thing to try.

I have heard that Both Blue Lizard as well as  Banana Boat Simply {Spray ONLY} Protect SPF 50+ Sunscreen are safe for protecting the oceans. For a full list of Reef Safe Sunscreen as well as harmful sunscreen chemicals to avoid, see a full list here, on

Pura Vida Rings 

Pura Vida Bracelets 

4. Charitable Brands 

When it's summer, I love to layer dainty bracelets, rings, as well as anklets. I love adding Pura Vida bracelets to my stack as they're a charitable brand as well as employee {& empower} artisans in their jewelry creations.

Plus, Pura Vida switched their mailer to 100 percent biodegradable mailers.

5. Think Before You Toss

This is a super easy step. Before tossing something into the trash, turn it over & read the able. If it's recyclable, take the one extra step & recycle it. Better yet, create a little at-home bin designated for recyclables only & at week's end, drop contents off at your nearest recycling center.

Below, I have added shoppable links to the items {and similar} in the post. My Snapper Rock {c/o} rash guard is actually the biggest size in the kids' section.