Fear Not: Mini Life Updates On A Dog Attack, Quarantine, Summer, & The Introduction to Yellow Joy Instagram Sticker Pack

Fear Not: Mini Life Updates On A Dog Attack, Quarantine, Summer, & The Introduction to Yellow Joy Instagram Sticker Pack 

Writing this first post for June as well as planning out June's content for 2020 has been difficult, to say the least. Difficulties aside, indecisiveness and racking my brain for inspiration have been my normal ongoing feelings as of late.

To put it frankly, I am sick of a lot of things. Yes, still grateful as  I call myself a forced optimist, I have to encourage as well as remind myself to look on the brights side, but I feel feed-up nonetheless.

At this point in the season, I would have been to two different locations{trips}, as well as I'd be packing my daily pool bag for pool days ahead. I would be sitting care-free on my front porch with my pups enjoying the balmy summer nights.

While the battle against COVID-19 rages on, uncertainties remain ever-present, I know these things are trivial, this I know, but I still miss them.

The daily normalities that COVID-19 has robbed everyone aside, I feel as if all of my rights, as well as normal daily rituals, have been taken. You see, this spring, my mother was viciously mauled on her daily walk by a dog in our development. We're both reminded every day of the attack as the dog's jaws have left permanent imprints {scars} on her right arm {& elsewhere}.

The best part, this dog lives next door.  While her attack occurred away from the house {way down the road} the dog still lives at home. I now walk with a wooden club, mace, & the constant fear that I too will be attacked or one of my small dogs will be eaten. I hate to harbor the feelings of fear as it builds up to anger, which isn't healthy.

The reality is a rather heavy feeling. Not only do I have constant fear when I go to the store, the drive-thru, fear whenever I get to travel once again, & {now} fear when I go outside my front door. Frankly, I am sick of fear.

For the sake of my happiness &mentl health, I have to try to focus on positives. This June, I am not letting fear overcome me, the only way past fear is moving forward, learning from the past as well as having a 'safer-than-sorry' mentality--at least for now.

For anyone who was a victim of an attack {animal or human,} closure is another way to move past fear, anger, & other emotions. Right now, there is no closure. However, as the summer just starts to begin, my mom & I are hoping that closure is instore for our summer stories. TBA. 

I mentioned I am a 'forced optimist.' I find that encouraging myself to look for the good as well as creating little moments of things to look forward to really keep me going & beat fear.

~ . ~

Whew, I knew that was a bit of a heavy post, the current world situation, as well as a few things going-on here at home had to be addressed as everyone, has struggles & things to overcome--this too shall pass as they say.

June in other ways is a very happy month. It was the month when I started my blog {gosh six or seven years ago}. While I don't like to think oo much about my early blogging days {they kind of make me cringe} I feel proud of where The Yellow Spectacles is right now.

Instagram Story Stickers 

In celebration of June being The Yellow Spectacles' birth month, I have partnered with the talented Kinda Joy {@_kindajoy} to create The Yellow Joy Sticker Pack!

You can save the three exclusive stickers {below the line in this post} to the photos on your camera roll.

How to use these stickers is easy. On Instagram, when creating your stories, you can 'copy & paste' the sticker in your story photos to give it a fun creative vibe.

See below for some cute examples. In the pack, there is a yellow pair of eyeglasses, an avocado, & a eco-friendly ice coffee cup sticker.

Be sure to tag @katelynchef & @_kindajoy when using the stockers so we can see & re-gram. P.S. this video created by Dreamy Presets {I love their stickers too} will help anyone who isn't sure how to copy & paste any type of IG stickers from their camera roll into their Insta Story drafts.


Save the three stickers below to your camera roll to use!