No Bad Vibes: Five Good Vibes Morning Mantras to Have a Good Day

No Bad Vibes: Five Good Vibes Morning Mantras to Have a Good Day 

On a normal day, normal circumstance, a typical moment-in-time, I wouldn't classify myself as anxious.

Of course, everyone has there moments, some more so than others. For me, it was more when I was in school, worrying about grades & tests.

However, the past few weeks {hey, months} haven't been anywhere close to normal, have they?

During this particular looming black cloud that killed any joy that the new season of spring has brought, it has made me feel very anxious--probably the most anxious I have felt in a long-long-time.

I know. I know. Anxiety is a part of life & times like these when we are all facing the 'unknown' as well as the fear of stepping out past your porch step doesn't make the feeling any less strong.

Feel Good Mantras 

To cope with the fear of an unseen enemy as well as trying to escape my own imagination {I have turned into somewhat of a hypochondriac, as of late} I have found different ways to lessen that ping-pang {sometimes crushing} sense of anxiousness.

Of course, creative hobbies, as well as exercise, helps, but I have taken to keeping a morning mantra near my bedside to say to myself every morning to get the good vibes flowing & the anxiousness packing. 

Below, I am sharing Five Good Vibes Morning Mantras to Have a Good Day 

  • 'I honor my spirit & trust my vibe.' via 
  • 'Today I feel energized & invigorated by life.' via 
  • 'This too shall pass' via 
  • 'I am not a drop in the ocean. Lam the entire ocean in a drop.' via 
  • 'Things are always working in my favor.' via 

Simply repeating one of these sentences two-to-three times before I get out of bed helps get me in the right mindset for the day. If the self-quarantine lifestyle has taught me anything, I have {re-learned} that if you have your health, you truly have everything. 

Taking the simple, day-to-day moments for granted, like running to the store to simply pick up an avocado for dinner, I don't think I will ever take that for granted again. 

We just have to take the good with the bad. & When we have the good, we really have to hold on to that feeling, savor it, & tuck it away for when we need a little reminder later on.