In these weird months, I find myself searching for normalcy as well as longing for what I once considered normal.

While times are a bit different right now, staying on a normal {quote on quoet} routine as well as staying active & eating healthy is one of my top priorities.

I am not one of those people who just say, well, to hell with it, & gets off track with everything including health & fitness.

As I continue to stay active & {try} to keep in the swing of a productive routine, I like to stay fuelled with good eats that I can take with me when I am on the go. Going where, right now, that's ify, but I still have things to do & places to go. Having healthy options to take with me is one way I stay fueled as well as try to remain healthy.

I'd like to say, I am not a nutritionist nor an expert, but I do like to stay up-to-date on healthy foods as well as pay very close attention to where my food comes from as well as what is in it. Also, I am trying to recycle any packaging or containers that some of my food comes in!

I made a little graphic of what foods I like to take with me, they typically end up being a bit of a lunch for me. For the most part, I {try} don't buy anything that's processed. I try to keep my on-the-go foods healthy, organic, natural flavors, & fresh.

Dried Fruits 

I love & live for dried fruits! Yes, there are all kinds of dried fruits, but I opt for organic dried fruits where the ingredients are just that--dried fruit {say mango or apricot}.  Currently, my two favorite dried fruit brands are Peeled Snacks & Nature's Wild Organic.


Okay, dates are like dried fruit or rather are, but they're super yummy as well as pretty satisfying. A good little recipe is to take your date, a Medjool Date because they're pretty big, & slice it like a hot dog bun {remove pit if there's one} & fill with your favorite nut butter. Next, add two macadamia nuts & squeeze date back-together. Yum.
Nature's Wild Organic has good dates, but so does Joolies 


Thus far, I am pretty picky about bars, but I do have some that I love. I love the chocolate & chocolate RX Kids Bars as well as the Health Warrior Chia Bars {the purple ones are so yum}.

I recently worked with Made Good Foods & really have come to like their strawberry granola bites. They're actually free of 8 common food allergy foods {like nuts} & are a serving of veggies. I was so shocked by that part.


I always toss in some nuts. I like raw almonds as well as raw walnuts. I also like the 100 calorie packs of the salt & pepper cashews.

Pressed Juice

I am just getting into fresh/pressed juice as well as kombucha. I really love the pressed OJ & Pineapple pressed juice from my Giant Eagle. I am also recycling/upcycling the bottles, no worries.


It wouldn't be a day without my carrot sticks & celery sticks. They're crunchy & crispy. I wash them in cold water & cut into slices to take with me.


Fresh fruit, my first love. For afternoon meals/snacks, I always like clementines or a banana. They travel well & a banana always fills me up.

There you have it, some of my favorite on-the-go foods. If you loved this post, you'll enjoy my newsletter. Sign up here, it's free!