Summer Recipes: How-to-Crack-a-Coconut

Summer Recipes: How-to-Crack-a-Coconut 

I can't tell you the number of times I passed the row of coconuts at the grocery store & said to my self, I think I like coconuts, but how are you supposed to eat one? 

Cracking a coconut isn't a skill they teach you in a liberal arts school. Nope! However, cracking a coconut is a skill worth mastering--especially if you love food styling as well as the taste of coconut.

Since newly learning to crack a coconut myself, I find it to be pretty easy! I think serving ice cream inside of a coconut is so fun! I also love the idea of creating a breakfast bowl & or smoothie bowl by cracking a coconut that can serve two people.

This particular coconut needed to be cracked ASAP, but it got the job done to demonstrate just how one can go about cracking a coconut & making a delicious dish.

You'll Need

Some type of rod & a mallet/ kitchen hammer
Jar {to drain the water}

Step One

Take your coconut & rod {I only had a screwdriver, so, I washed it & covered the tip in plastic wrap} to pierce the three little holes on the bottom of the coconut. Gently hammer the rod into the holes & then turn upside down to drain the coconut water into your jar.

Step Two

Once coconut water has been drained, lay your coconut on a flat surface {over a towel} & look for the fault line/crack in the middle of the coconut. It should go all the way around the center of the fruit.

Gently yet firmly hold the coconut {careful of your fingers} down & hit the fault line. It should crack open on the second or third hit.

& that's it! You'll be left with two coconut halves & it's up to your imagination to fill it with whatever tropical recipe you wish!

Coconut Smoothie Bowl 

If you need ideas, a recent post where I made both an açaí bowl & a pink dragon fruit smoothie bowl would taste SO good inside a coconut.

This was an aćaí, blueberry, & coconut coconut bowl. 🍨

Dig in!

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  1. Wow, that's so neat!! I have coconut bowls brand bowls for smoothies but I've never thought of eating out of an ACTUAL coconut! That's so cool!!!!
    - meg |