So Smooth: Two Five-Minute Smoothie Bowl Ideas

So Smooth: Two Five-Minute Smoothie Bowl Ideas 

In a time where there is so much worry about, taking actions to take pleasure in life's simplest amenities so important to one's health--both mentally & physically.

Looking at the foods we eat day-to-day, is one of the biggest steps we can take to living a healthier & happier life.

Fruits, both fresh & frozen are so influential when it comes to warding off illnesses, boosting immune systems, as well as looking & feeling great.

Personally, I can eat fruit all day, every day. If you are someone who doesn't eat a whole lot of fruit or simply is too busy to make sure you're getting the proper amount of fruits per week there is something you can do about it!

It is recommended that we should eat about 80 grams of fruit per day which according to the website, Healthline, is the size of a tennis ball.

Okay, fruit is bliss, right? Right. One way to eat more of it in a fun & beautiful way is to make smoothie bowls. In this post, I will share my two 'hacks' to making five-minute-smoothie-bowls.

Smoothie bowls, on Instagram, are beautiful, they're literal works of art with all the delicately placed granola, coconut chips, fresh fruit topping & so on.

Your smoothie bowl can still be beautiful, but let's make it practical as you're going to eat it as soon as the mixture hits the bowl. Right? Right! 

First smoothie bowl tip, Frozen Açaí. I buy the Sambazon Frozen Açaí Packets at my local Target. Typically, I opt for the unsweetened packet, but the sweetened packet only has 12 grams of added sugar which isn't too terrible.

Aćaí is loaded with antioxidants as well as been speculated to help boost brain function. In an online article appearing on Healthline, the berry {really a drupe from the Amazon} may help ward off cancer-causing agents--plus, it is so yummy in a smoothie bowl.   

For each of these smoothie bowls, I used a Ninja Blender.

Five-minute aćaí berry bowl:

-One Packet of frozen açaí
-A handful of frozen pineapple & 1/2 a frozen banana
-Splash of almond milk {or your milk preference}
-Blend until creamy

The amount of milk you add to the blender will alter the thickness of your smoothie bowl. So less milk equals thicker consistency.

Pour mixture into a bowl & add toppings. To keep it brief & less-time, I add pre-chopped fresh pineapple, kiwi, & a handful of granola.

Dig in your spoon & enjoy it!

Pro Tip, I used small cookie cutters to cut out fruit in star shapes 

Five Minute Dragon-Fruit Smoothie Bowl 

First of all, blended, dragon fruit is the most beautiful magenta color ever! Aside from its beauty, dragon fruit is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, & fiber. According to, dragon fruit is also amazing for your heart health & skin. So, why would you not want to blend it into a smoothie?

I found that Dole has a delish pre-portioned dragon fruit frozen smoothie pack {found in the frozen food/breakfast isle}. It is called, Dole Tropical Fruit Blend with Dragon Fruit.

Using the pre-portioned Dole packet alongside your milk preference makes this smoothie bowl a breeze to blend up.

To make:

-Blend one packet of Dole Tropical Fruit Blend
-Dash of almond milk
-Pour into a bowl & add desired toppings

All in all, smoothie bowls are really works of art. They're beautiful to look at, smoothie bowls are also extremely nourishing & healthy for your insides too.

Stay healthy.


  1. omg that pink is SO PRETTY!!! I've been wanting to get pitaya (dragon fruit) powder! Send me 1/2 the next time you make one 😜
    - meg |