Moody: Mexican Chocolate Brownies

Moody Up: Mexican Chocolate Brownies 

Cinco De Mayo, a day that everyone takes as an extra reason to fiesta like there is no mañana. Everyone gets in on the extra guac from high school Spanish classes to groups of girlfriends as well as people looking to hit a few extra margaritas after a long day of work. Fiesta right? Right.

Cinco De Mayo, immortalizing the 1862 Mexican victory against the French in the Franco-Mexican War definitely is a day to relish all of our favorite Mexican dishes.

If you're hosting your own Cinco De Mayo fiesta at home or attending a poquito party elsewhere, making a batch of Mexican Chocolate brownies is an easy sweet-n-spicey dessert to whip up.

Mind you, these brownies are moody {hence the way I edited the photos, a little moodier} as they have a hot tamale kick to them. However, they are also SUPER easy to make.

Boxed Brownie Recipe 

Here's what you'll need to make Mexican Chocolate Brownies 

-Your go-to-store bought brownie mix
-A brownie pan
-1 tsp of chipotle powder {if you don't like hot, cut it into a 1/2 tsp}
-3 tsp of ground cinnamon
-Powder sugar for the topping

Mexican Chocolate Brownies 

Happy Cinco De Mayo 

That's it! Follow the baking instructions on the brownie box & add in these two extra ingredients. Just warn people that these brownies are moody & a bit spicey!

& If you really want to be festive, Chi Chi's makes pre-bottled Mexican Chocolate Mudslides...something to wash the spicey brownies down with.

Happy Cinco De Mayo, it falls this year on Taco Tuesday, May 5th.

Fiesta todo el día!

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