Cricut Made: DIY Graphic Tee with Cricut EasyPress

Cricut Made: DIY Graphic Tee with Cricut EasyPress

Kale, it's a super-powerful vegetable packed with iron, antioxidants, as well as Vitamin K & other nutritious properties. Personally, I love kale & make kale chips about every other night. My love for kale inspired this {Yale spoof} Cricut Graphic Tee DIY.

For this Cricut tee-shirt DIY, You'll need access to a Cricut smart cutting machine, Cricut's Design Space, cotton tee, iron-on vinyl, Cricut EasyPress mat, or a towel, as well as a Cricut EasyPress {or iron}.

DIY graphic tee with Cricut EasyPress

Beginning Stages:

This was my first time using my Cricut & EasyPress together.

In Cricut's Design Space, I inserted the tee shirt template & designed the text to read, Kale Est. 2020. The Cricut font I went with is called Plantagenet Cherokee.

After everything looks good in Design Space, go ahead & cut your font out. I used the every-day Cricut iron-on vinyl in a print motif. Before cutting, remember to hit the 'mirror' option as you have to work backward with font when doing iron-on projects.

Also, it is good to note, the shiny side of your iron-on vinyl goes face-down when adhering it to the Cricut cutting mat.

After everything was cut out by the Cricut, use your weeding tool to remove the unwanted vinyl.

Iron-On Process: 

Using EasyPress. I have a large EasyPress machine. Before adhering your text to your tee, head to Cricut's EasyPress Heat Guide. Here, you'll be able to select your transfer material & base material. After, Cricut will tell you the heat temperature, pressing time, & hot-or-cool-peel.

So for this tee, I selected 'Patterned iron-on' & 100% cotton. I heated the EasyPress to 340 degrees, applied heat firmly for 30 seconds on top of my large EsyPress mat. I then flipped the tee and did the same to the back.

Tip, before adhering anything to the tee, go over your tee with the EasyPress to smooth out wrinkles & remove any moisture.

Then, I let the text cool & peeled. Done & done.

DIY Pet Shirt 

Spring Crafts 

I also made Riley a doggy-tee {Micheals sells blank dog shirts} which reads, Little Sprout & has a flower.

This summer, I am hoping to DIY a pair of denim jeans shorts with the Cricut & EasyPress.

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  1. wow, that's so cool! I want to try it!! I love kale, also - kale chips are my fav!
    - meg |