Breakfast is Served: How to Style a Breakfast Tray

How to Style a Breakfast Tray 

With a hint {or maybe more than just a hint} of spring in the air, now is the time when mealtime moves away from the television indoors & pulls up a chair outdoors.

With the arrival of warmer outdoor dining weather as well as Mother's Day, putting together a pretty & posh breakfast {or meal} tray is a little artform to master.

If you're looking to arrange a breakfast tray that's sure to impress or look good for your next Instagram post, you can take a few notes below!

Tray Size

When opting for a tray to serve a meal on, consider the size & shape. I personally like more oval & rounded trays opposed to long rectangular trays as I feel that they're easier to carry as well as eat off of without taking up too much space.

Plate Proportions

After you've selected your meal tray, picking out plates that are proportionate to the tray only makes sense. You don't want your bowl or plate just as big as the tray itself!


Editing is something to keep in mind right before you serve your tray. No one wants to eat off of cluttered counter space, so, why would one want to eat of a crowed tray?

If your tray looks too busy, take off the last thing you put on. Use little dipping bowls {great for syrups, jams, fruit, & nuts} to place on the side of plates to save room, but still have that desired effect.

Flower Pressed Card 

Little Touches

After the plates have been prepped, drinks have been poured, it is time to add little details to the tray that make eating off of it so fun! I like to fancy things up a bit with cute paper napkins. I find that Target's Dollar Spot always gets in cute seasonal napkins.

Also, little cards {if the tray is for someone else} make a pretty & decorative touch. I am ALWAYS pressing found flowers & I made a simple card with a pressed hydrangea to add as the tray's finishing touch! 

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