A Day in-the-Diet of a Plant-Based Blogger

A Day in-the-Diet of a Plant-Based Blogger 

Plant-Based. These two words have become increasingly popular as 2020 rolls into its third month. It appears that Impossible burgers, patties, chicken drumsticks, & other faux meats are popping up in frozen food aisles as well as fast food drive-thrus everywhere.

*Disclaimer, I am not a dietitian nor a nutritionist.  This post isn't meant to tell you what or how to eat. Rather, fun & insightful look at what I like to eat. Some days, I eat more, others, I eat less* 

I have to say, I have been vegetarian for almost three years now & I consider my diet to be plant-based. I am in no way a nutrition expert, but I do try to educate myself on what is healthy & I try to eat a balanced vegetarian diet.

Truthfully, I am not into the impossible meats--just because it is meatless doesn't mean it is healthy for you. However, on the other side, it is good that others are expanding their pallets & limit their weekly meat consumption.

Going back to my original point, this post, I want to share healthy vegetarian/ plant-based alternatives that I enjoy eating throughout my day in case, any of you are curious as to what one eats when they are plant-based.

What I  enjoy eating varies in a way, but I also am a creature of habit & I don't mind eating the same thing more than once throughout the week.


Healthy Eating: Oatmeal Breakfast 

I love to make oatmeal mixed with dried cranberries, a small handful of walnuts, & cinnamon sprinkled on top. After I have heated the oatmeal {microwave}, I usually add a small handful of fresh fruit {whatever is in-season} & sometimes a fried egg right on top!

If you like spice, I add a dash of hot pepper flakes into my fried egg as it cooks in the skillet--boosts your metabolism for the day.

I also mix in the no-sugar-added almond milk {I'll use skim milk if in a pinch} to my hot oatmeal. Almond & skim milk aside, I also LOVE the non-fat lactose free Fairlife Milk!


Dried Mangos are a favorite 

I typically keep my lunch the same as it is on a grab n' go basis. I love the no-sugar-added dried mangos as well as dried figs, dates, & other dried fruits. Dried chickpeas are delicious. I buy a bag of snacking dried chickpeas from Aldis.

I am picky when it comes to dried dates, but I gravitate toward Natural Medjool Dates, but I also love the coconut flake Medjool dates too {I buy at Giant Eagle}.

Going back to dried fruit, when I buy dried fruit, I always look at the nutrition label. I only want that fruit to be listed. For example, Dried Mangos, I buy ones that list 'Dried Mangos' {no additives/sugars} on the label.

I like the Nutty Fruity brand. For lunch, I also love eating RX Bars, but I buy the kid-size bar. Also, the 100 calorie nut packs are great for a source of good fats & energy. 

Healthy snack buying tip, Marshals & Home Goods has great a healthy foods aisle where the foods are healthy as well as affordable too.

Back to lunch, if I am still hungry, raw sliced carrots & celery are go-to's.

Of course, mid-day is also the time I go buy a non-fat latte at Dunkin'. Gotta have some fun, am I right?


Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard 

For dinner, I enjoy making nutritional wraps that almost always has a 1/2 of an avocado incorporated into my recipe. I pretty much eat avocados daily.

For my wraps, I roast chickpeas & eat them on vegan pitas. This recipe from a Pinch of Yum is a good resource & a good example of a favorite dinner that I enjoy making.

When I want to mix it up, I will whip up a nutrition bowl with riced cauliflower, frozen peas, black beans or chickpeas {for protein & fiber} or I'll steam kale to an add-in my make-shift salad.

For this dinner, I sauteed rainbow organic swiss chard with a bit of lemon & olive oil in a skillet. It was delicious! Rainbow swiss chard is great as a main dish option or as as a side dish. My parents like it on top of mashed potatoes.

For the sauteed rainbow swiss chard above, I used this Veganosity recipe.

Naturally, I have fresh fruit throughout the day as well. I credit my good winter health to eating an orange or half or a grapefruit every morning. 

Around lunchtime, I usually grab a banana & in the evenings, I love snacking on green apples or fresh grapes.

This is just a peek at what I enjoy eating as a plant-based person--my major takeaway from going vegetarian is to eat your color {beets, rainbow swiss chard, kale, carrots, apples, pineapple, tomatoes, peas, & it goes on}.