A Quick Guide To Buying Your First Pair of Glasses Online

A Quick Guide To Buying Your First Pair of Glasses Online 

Going out to pick out a new pair of glasses no longer has to be this big, expensive, confusing chore. Nah, not with the variety of online retailers that sell quality, affordable, & stylish glasses.

I used to spend a fortune on one pair of glasses & that one pair would be my only pair of frames that year.

However, since being introduced to online eyeglass retailers such as Phonetic Eyewear, buying glasses online is fast, fun, & affordable.

As long as your eye prescription isn't super complicated {bifocals, trifocals, astigmatism, etc} buying glasses online is easy if you know the following.

  • Know & understand your facial features aka face shape. 
  • Have an idea of what eyeglass shape{s} flatter your face
  • What type of lenses will you get? Non-prescription, blue light blocking, anti-glare, prescription along with blue light--the variety of lens options you add on at checkout changes the total price outcome at payment. 
Alpha Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses {c/o}

I chatted with the eyeglass experts at Phonetic Eyewear to get the ins & outs when it comes to buying your first pair of glasses online. They were kind enough to gift me, a pair of Alpha clear glasses. 

The Yellow Spectacles:

What tips-tips would you recommend to someone who is buying glasses online for the first time?

Phonetic Eyewear:

Tips I would recommend for first-time online buying would be to make sure you are looking at the numbers that represent the size of the glasses so you know what will fit your face best! 


Shopping for your face shape is important when it comes to glasses. Can you suggest eyeglass shapes the different face shapes? 


Frame shapes that look good for the following face shapes:
Oval Shape: Works for a variety of face shapes, rounded-squares, round, rectangular, cat-eye
Heart Shape: Cat eye, round, oval and aviator 
Round Shape: Square/ rectangular frames
Square Shape: Oval, round and cat-eye

We have added a new section to our site that allows you to shop by style. This will help alleviate some of the stress of trying to figure out which shape is which, and what is best for your face shape. 


Any eyeglass trends we should be aware of come spring-summer 2020? 

PE: Some trends to look out for are clear glasses, millennial dusted pink glasses, and unique tortoiseshells! In the millennial pink, Margot. This is our best seller! We offer may clear styles such as the Alpha, Bravo, Margot, and Grace

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