South Walton's Alys Beach: Where to Explore

South Walton's Alys Beach: Where to Explore 

Best places to dine in Aly's Beach

Visiting 30A Florida? Visit Aly's Beach

Imagine walking along the shoreline. The sea gently kisses your toes & retreats back & returns for another quick kiss. Looking down, admiring the sea's affection, you notice a gift--the most perfect sand dollar-- it's bright white & shaped perfectly--no cracks or chips. 💦

As quick as the ocean gives a gift, she can take it back. You reach for the perfect sand dollar to find it's not only lovely on the eye but sleek & soft to the touch--perfect in every way. 

Jetting off to Florida's Gulf Coast, South Walton & it's 16 beautiful pristine white beaches you're bound to be mesmerized by the sea as well as the surrounding area. 

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Mediterranean Architecture 

Browsing Florida's Beaches 💙

Alys Beach, nestled between another popular Florida beach, Seacrest Beach, is The Sand Dollar of South Walton. This is a place you can't help to stare & oo at. At the same time, there is a desire to pack the seaside town up {even just a piece} to take home & display on a shelf as a shiny souvenir.  

The architecture of Alys Beach is a posh--it is a cool mix of modern-day design blended with Mediterranean style architecture. The beach town's New Urbanism attitude is very family friendly as everything is safe, convenient, walkable, & bikeable. There is plenty of new little shops popping up along with restaurants, & fun afternoon hangout spots.

Heading to South Walton {Hey 30a!} this summer? 

Alys Beach 

Here are a few Alys Beach hotspots you need to visit & do:

  • Charlie's Donuts: A super cute {old-fashion looking} food truck that serves donuts right in Alys Beach each morning. Owner Charlie Mingus & John Smith serve up the goods here. 
  • Caliza Pool: I only had a little peek at the Caliza Pool, but oh my! I got total Roman vibes when visiting, but this posh pool is surrounded by three other pools that all have a purpose. 
  • Raw & Juicy: The outside of this building is so aesthetically pleasing--cold pressed juices & clean/organic eats are found here. Hello, fresh smoothie bowls!  

  • Piper's Kitchen: I passed this cute-dog-logo restaurant on my bike--it's a beachside taco restaurant! Not only do you get to eat fresh al-fresco tacos, but you'll have the most beautiful view of the emerald coast's waters!  
  • Rent a Bike: The fun part about this beach town is that fact that it is so biker friendly. Rent a bike from the Alys Beach Bike shop & you can travel to other beaches such as Seaside Beach & Watercolor beach. Plus, their bikes are really cute! 
  • Digital Graffiti: This event, unique to the town only occurs once a year in the spring. To put it in words is hard. Lexus Driver Magazine said it well, I quote, "Here is one for your must-do-once-in-a-life-list: the Digital Graffiti lights festival, where an entire coastal town is turned into a kaleidoscope of color explosion."    

A town that is so precious you'll want to pocket it--just like that sand dollar you discovered.

For an artsy look at Alys Beach, you'll love an article I wrote for Luxury Travel Magazine. For those interested in reading my piece featuring South Walton photographer, Jonah Allen click here! 

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  1. Raw + Juicy sounds so yummy + Alys Beach looks like a great place to be! Happy Monday!
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  2. These pictures are so cute! I love your adorable outfits. It looks like you had a good time girl. Keep up the good blogging friend (:

    Juliana Grace |

  3. This is picture perfect!! Everything looks straight from a summer movie set :) What a neat town to visit -xo