Make a Statement: Summer Statement Earrings

Make a Statement: Summer Statement Earrings 

"Be weird. Be random. Because you never know who would love the person you hide." 
~ C. S. Lewis. 

I read this quote on Instagram & just thought its perfect for anyone who wants to be themselves but at times it's not always easy being you--for whatever reason/s.

I just realized that I just passed my sixth year blogging anniversary & I can say it's the sixth year is where I feel that I have the most confidence in my blog. Not-to-mention, I feel that it has taken some to develop an actual vision for The Yellow Spectacles & that's okay! 

If you haven't noticed, I am doing more lifestyle--travel, home, tips n/ tricks related posts & of course, style content sprinkled in. Every month, I see that month as a blank canvas for new content & that excites me--hopefully, it excites you. 


Summer is my favorite season to dress for & I want to share Three Online Shops to Buy Statements Earrings for Summer! Of course, I have included clip-on earring options as that's what I wear. 

{1} Crazy Little Silk {Etsy} 

Elena, the Etsy shop owner, makes the most beautiful silk-wrapped {clip-on} earrings I have ever seen! I am wearing the light blue & pink Daisy silk flower bonbon earrings BUT you can customize the silk colors to whatever you'd like!

Daisy Drop Clip-On c/o 

I am definitely a fan of nautical {woven & pearl} jewelry--the earrings at Nautical Notions are just that--very sailor-prep! I also like the fact that if your style is more boho-chic, these rattan earrings work with that vibe too.

I have a pair of rattan charm earrings from this shop.

Nautical Notions Rattan Charm Clip-On Earrings {c/o}

Earrings that are like works of art hanging from your earlobes...that's fashion. Honestly, every earring from this brand is Pinterest board worthy--you have to see their Tricia in Lavender?. 

I am also currently style lusting over their Button Lavender! They remind me of {oh say} a bit
Jackie-O-so pretty!!

Also, Lisi Lerch has the clip on earring option for most styles.

Lisi Lerch Kate Latte {simialr} c/o 

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Shop some of my favorite clip-in earrings below


  1. GIRL! Every single one of these outfits is ADORBS! I love the blue and white striped dress. Those earrings are SO fun!

    Juliana Grace |

  2. Gahhhhhh this are so cute! I love them with the green jacket!


  3. You look super cute in these outfits! My favorite is the second one.
    Happy summer!

  4. Love it.

  5. SIX YEARS, go you!! I absolutely loooooove that quote you wrote - it's so true and something everyone needs to hear!
    - meg |