Clearly Organized: Eyeglass Storage Solutions

Eyeglass Storage Solutions  

It's not uncommon for me {or probably anyone} that when your glasses aren't resting on my face they're sat on a desk, nightstand or bathroom shelf waiting to be picked up & worn once more.

Today, glasses are so accessible as well as affordable thanks to online eyeglass stores that it's pretty common for a person to have more than two pairs of spectacles.

& If you're an eyeglass aficionado {like me} chances are, you have more glasses than you have room to store them. Truly, a first world problem, ha!

I hated having all of my glasses that I am currently wearing in cases which were then thrown inside a box collectively. To me, glasses are not only a daily necessity they are also a form of self-expression & works of art. So, I wanted to come up with a clear & effective way to organize & display them.

How-to-organize glasses is hard! There just are that many practical storage solutions for eyeglasses. I recently saw Tezza's IGTV about how she organizes her sunglasses--but I don't have the wall space for that.

So, thanks to Marshalls & Etsy, I found two ways I organize my eyeglasses--I am linking everything below!

Bright Pink Bravo Frames via Phonetic Eyewear OG Collection {c/o}

Clear Eyeglass Organizer

I looked & looked for something like this clear eyeglass stand & could not find one. Finally, I stumbled across this one from an Etsy Shop called All Custome Gifts.

When it came, I was so confused as I think the stands are 3-D printed & it wasn't put together. However, after I removed the peel & stick backing from each piece, I was able to assemble the stand & it looks really sharp on my dresser.

This one can hold up to 4 eyeglasses.

The fun bright pink pair of frames in this post are from Phonetic Optical. They're called 'Bravo.' This is my third pair of glasses from Phonetic & I absolutely love & recommend them--their blue light blocking lenses are amazingly clear.

Stackable/Drawer Eyeglass Organizer

Another option for glasses that I wear, but not on a daily basis, I keep inside this pink acrylic stackable pull out drawer. It's cute & clever. Each drawer has a slot for three glasses.

This also comes in 100 percent clear acrylic too-which I love!

More of my favorite eyeglass organizers are shoppable below!


  1. Oh I love the cute little pink drawers! I only need glasses for reading so I don't have many, but it would be adorable for my rather large sunglasses collection, haha! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you had a great weekend :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. I SO need an organizer but for my sunglasses. I love that it's clear too!


  3. I love how organized you are - with everything! I don't need glasses but I've always loved the look of a good tortoise shell pair ;) Maybe I'll have to start collecting some blue light pairs haha !!
    - meg |