Here Come the Blooms: Wedding Trends

Here Come the Blooms: Wedding Trends 

Working as a writer & freelancer, I have learned to never say never...while many brides {& grooms} to-be are saying I do I have been doing a lot of wedding content & coverage too--I have been writing for Martha Stewart Weddings.

Wedding coverage is a bit different than the lifestyle content I have grown accustomed to,  but speaking with wedding industry experts, florist, & photographers have inspired me here, The Yellow Spectacles to write a wedding trend theme post for readers who are planning a wedding, in a wedding or simply--can't resist a beautiful wedding cake.

A couple of wedding trends that have stood out from me {from writing for Martha Stewart Weddings} as well as on Instagram are the following:

  • Flowers are Everything: Flowers are extending beyond bouquets & tabletop decor, but brides & grooms are wearing flowers {think crowns, jewelry, & bracelets}

  • Wedding Photos: I see a trend of couples either doing their wedding photos months before the big day or the day after. This makes sense as doing your wedding photos & everything else that occurs on your wedding day can be very stressful!

  •  Experience Favors: I think this goes in hand with the whole Millennial-fueled idea that experiences are better than things, but a lot of couples are opting to gift their guests experience favors opposed to something left on the table. Think a make-your-own dessert bar or some type of group activity the day after the wedding or week leading up to it. 

  • Private I-Dos: I wrote a piece about this, but there is a trend of couples privately saying their vows to each other before standing in front of everyone to profess their love & lifetime devotion. It's a newer tradition, but I like the idea of couples having a sweet moment together before going out in front of their friends & family.    
Sugar Lips Executive Plaid Tie Neck Dress {c/o}

Rose Box NYC Pink Roses {c/o}

Going back to the wearable flower wedding accessories trend, I was able to get a quote from       
B Floral founder & lead designer, Bronwen Smith. 

Smith says, "Flower crowns are a fun, feminine and interactive feature to include in your wedding. Leave a table full of this girly accessory near the entrance so each guest can grab one and snap photos in them. In other words, this event addition is a great way to encourage guests to share photos and create buzz around your event!" 

Smith also shares another idea that ties the flower accessory & experience wedding favor themes together. Smith says, "One of our favorite and fashionable gifts are flower jewels! A fresh accessory can be an ideal gift for a bridal shower, garden party." 

Continuing, "Flower accessories are perfect gifts to be passed out as guests arrive to set the tone for the festivities to come."

Rose Box NYC also gave insight exclusively to The Yellow Spectacles pertaining to wedding flower trends. Brides-to-be who are planning their bridal shower may want to look to the roses in a box trend.

"Our brides love the idea of adding a special touch to their bridal shower with personalized rose boxes for their guests."

Rose Box continues, "They can use them as a "save the date" memo, a way to thank their family and friends or just to decorate the party. Since we also offer single rose boxes, brides love the idea of having their guests leave the party with a small gift to remember it with."

As for tips for selecting the perfect color combination for your wedding day flowers, it is all about ambiance.  Rose Box tells, "We recommend to think about the feeling and ambiance they want to create in their event, try to step out of the traditional thinking and bring something new and innovative to have their special day stand out and memorable experience for their guests."

If you are interested in gaining inspiration for post-wedding day brunches as well as what to do about your wedding engagement photo makeup {professional or do-it-yourself} I will link to three articles I wrote:

What to Wear to a Wedding, Wedding Brunch, &/or Bridal Shower

Lastly, what to wear to a wedding-related event really depends upon the season, wedding, & location, but I do think this darling little dress from Sugar Lips would be adorable to wear to a spring or summer wedding--even a bridal shower too. 

You can use code KATELYN15 for discount, but I just hope it brings you some inspiration--the bow around the neck is a perfect balance of delicate & whimsy. 

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  1. I love the idea of flower crowns - that's so fun and cute for pictures! My mom used to be a wedding florist, so I grew up having pretty smelling flowers around and was always poking my nose into the bouquets :)) My wedding will definitely be fiiilllllled with flowers!
    - meg |