Summer Is Coming! Get Moving: Pet Health

Summer Is Coming! Get Moving: Pet Health With Pet Naturals of Vermont

I'll never forget the day we rescued Riley. & when I say 'rescue' I truly meant the literal sense!
Riley was seized at the age of four months alongside 104 {ish} other small breed dogs from a home-operated puppy mill.  This occurred during the coldest January {2015} on record & the dogs were all taken to local animal charities to be evaluated.

The state & health varied for each seized dog as age had a lot to do with their conditions. Due to the poor breeding environment, constant caged-living, & terrible cleanliness issues all dogs have bad dental history {genes} as well as possible joint health issues.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Hip + Joint 

Riley has luxating patella which is basically, floating knees! It doesn't give him daily discomfort, but we as pet parents have to be very careful of his little joints & legs. From being born in a cage, Riley is bow-legged in the front, but he functions as any happy-go-lucky dog would.

This is why I am happy to partner with Pet Naturals of Vermont. Their Hip +Joint Chews help manage dog joint health. Essentially, I start Riley's day off with two chew {it looks like a little soft treat}. The chews have 6 beneficial ingredients; Glucosamine HCI, Methylsulfonylmethane MSM, Perna canaliculus {Green-Lipped Mussel}, Chondroitin Sulfate {Porcine}, Ascorbic Acid {Vitamin C}, Manganese {Mn Proteinate}.

I purchase these chews at Walmart & As a good dog mother, I look for all things made in the USA which Pet Naturals of Vermont are manufactured in the United States. They are great for dogs of all sizes & breeds!

With summer nearly here, Riley & I will be going for more walks & enjoying our outdoor playtime. I'll be at ease knowing he has some extra supplements protecting his joint health.

Please note, this post is sponsored by Pet Naturals of Vermont. All opinions are my own. It's always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before starting anything new.  


  1. Riley is the cutest and bless you for rescuing him from that awful situation. wishing you the best week ever!
    - meg |

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