The Calm Before Summer: Pet Health

The Calm Before Summer: Pet Health with Pet Naturals of Vermont 

Who has seen {or read the book} A Dog's Purpose? I have to admit, I cried my way through the entire movie a few years back as the story follows one dog's soul as he lives his best life with a young boy through the boy's adolescence. Mid-way through, the faithful dog passes away when the boy comes of college-age.

The journey of that particular dog doesn't die there, the spirit/soul of the dog is reborn multiple times as a different breed of a dog serving a purpose to each person who comes to love & care for him. Until his last reincarnation when the dog finds his way back to the boy {now fully grown/middle-aged man}.

The tears really start to roll when the man realizes it is his old friend reincarnated as a different dog.

The reason why I mention this movie & story of pet reincarnation is because I have experienced this {as of late} with my dog, Bentley, a four-year-old Bichon-Yorkie mix.

It is my {& my family} true feeling that Bentley is our beloved Yorkie-Poo mix, Cocoa who passed away in January of 2015 at the age of 16.5. We adopted Bentley in January of 2016. 

She was black & silver coated & he is white & tan, but the resemblance {face, snout, eyes, long legs, & fur texture} is very similar. Their personalities mirror each other too.

Cocoa was a very sweet but high-strung/nervous dog. That was just her personality. Bentley is more of the same--very sweet, but high-strung. New people, mail, walkers, quick movements, & just daily life situations have him on edge. Don't even get me started on boxes!

Of course, having a high-anxiety pet is hard on the owner, but seeing the stress that the anxiety puts on your fur-kid is harder.

Calming/Pet Naturals of Vermont 

This is why I am happy to partner with Pet Naturals of Vermont. Their Calming chews help manage everyday stress. Essentially, I start Bentley's day with one calming chew that is composed of Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Colostrum Calming Complex Bioptide Blend, & L-Theanine. I pick up these Chews at Walmart &     

Since Bentley is only 12 lbs, I give him one daily chew, but dogs over 50 lbs are to have two chews per day. As a good dog mother, I look for all things made in the USA which Pet Naturals of Vermont are manufactured in the United States. Alongside the product does not include any wheat, corn, nor artificial ingredients.

One calming chew a-day takes the edge off of Bentley's stress & helps alleviate my worries as a loving dog mom. Plus, there is a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

Note, this post is sponsored by Pet Naturals of Vermont. All options are my own. It's always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before starting anything new.  

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  1. This post makes me SMILE so big!! You guys are the cutest summer duo!!