Comfort Zone: Tips to Photographing Blog Content in Public

Comfort Zone: Tips to Photographing Blog Content in Public

Comfort zones. We all have one some are smaller than others. & some other comfort zones are bigger with gray areas in between what we feel comfortable doing & not doing.

At some point, any blogger, photographer, creative director, & so on knows it's time to leave the coveted, safe, & cozy comfort zone & branch out--think {& create} outside of the box. It's art or 'content' after all.

However, taking pictures with your self-timer/&/or photographer inside your home is one thing--going out in public {where there are actually watching people} is a whole other thing.

I know it's scary to capture your blog/social media content outside of your house, but if you want to grow & challenge yourself creatively you have to branch out! I started branching out more & more this past summer & I am glad I did!

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Here are my tips {what I learned} when taking blog/social media content out in public.

1. Just Do It: Hey girl, {or guy} face it now, you are probably going to feel a little funny--even a tad embarrassed the first go around--that's okay. Just step out in front of the camera & give it a go. After the first time or so, it gets less & less embarrassing &  kind of fun.

2. Have a Buddy: If you had a supportive friend &/or are super close with your photographer this makes all the difference. Not only is the 'buddy-system' safer {I have had a few weird experiences shooting alone with people coming up to me}, but your photos will turn out so much better with someone having your back, assisting with styling, props, & location scouting.

3. Early Bird: Not only does getting up & shooting your content early help with the lighting situation, but you can also shoot at locations before crowds of people start to gather. I'd rather wake up early & get my content shot rather than sleeping in & fighting the crowds & looky-loos.

4. Ask before you Photograph: If I am in a public place {like this Orange Leaf} I always ask if it's oka if I can take a few pictures. Usually, they have no idea what I am doing {that's Ohio for you,😂} but say it's okay & it all works out!

5. Think of it as Your Job: Whether you are a full-time content creator or doing this as a side hustle, think of this as a job--you have to get it done & get in some good shots! #DoItFortheGram 

In Tezza Barron's book, Instastyle, she says it best.

Tezza wrote, "Most of those people giving you funny looks as you're pulling off your epic pose will be the same people losing their mind at how amazing your photo is when seeing it on Instagram. Just do you!"

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  1. It's 5 years later and I still feel silly taking photos! Will that ever end?? lol :)


  2. Yes it's so tough taking photos in public! I always struggled with this and admire those that feel so comfortable with it! I hope you're enjoying your trip xoxo
    - meg |