Easter Basket Alternatives: Happy Easter!

Easter Basket Alternatives: Happy Easter!

Easter is Sunday, April 21st--which is actually a little late, but I am not complaining as it will actually {fingers crossed} feel like Easter aka a beautiful spring day!

Easter is one of the holidays that I love--deviled eggs, hidden treats, colored eggs, & pretty flowers all centered around a celebratory miracle story of re-birth & the ultimate sacrifice for love.

If you're like me, you love getting a little Easter Basket filled with fun things, but after the fact never really know what to do with the basket once it has been emptied?

I guess I could save & store the basket until next Easter, but who has the room? Or I could repurpose the basket for other things, but ehhh. 

So, I came up with a post/idea to do 'Alternative Easter Baskets.' Meaning filling an item up with candies & goodies, but that item {aka the 'basket'} is actually something that the person will use.

In this case, it's a pair of light-weight Arizona Birkenstocks & a bright pink Caboodle.

Hot Pink Caboodle 'Alternative Easter Baskets' 

Arizona Pink Birkenstocks 

Here are a few more Alternative Easter Basket Ideas:

  • A Bucket, baseball, &/or beach hat 
  • Gardening caddy for the green-thumb 
  • A cute planter for the flower lover 
  • Tumbler/Thermos {Yetti} for coffee aficionados
  • Pool/travel tote for the summer adventurer 
  •  Mesh/woven grocery tote for the conversationalist 

& whichever type of 'basket' you go with it only makes sense to build your Alternative Easter Basket off that theme while sticking to whatever Easter candy that person loves---chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, Peeps, & Cadbury Eggs.

Have a wonderful Easter &/or Passover. If you found this inspirational, sign up for my May Newsletter! 

Shop my alternative Easter Baskets below:


  1. I've always loved the idea of getting gifts inside of a little gift for birthdays/Christmas ;) It looks so cute and saves the wrapping, so it only makes sense to carry the same idea over to Easter baskets. Happy almost Easter, Katelyn! I hope the bunny is good to you lol
    - meg | livingasunnylife.com

  2. A baseball hat is such a cute idea and all of these picutres make me so happy :)