The Colors of Fall: A Poem

The Colors of Fall

You can catch a glimpse of it through the trees
The quieting of summer’s breeze.

The days begin to slow
As autumn’s effervescence gently starts to show.

Dawns once sweet with soft sherbet shades
Transcend into moody morning light…

Skies now plump with swirls of berry pinks
Collide with ivory clouds resembling exquisite fur minks.  

The once mellow summertime afternoon hues  
Fade into deep evening ink blues…

There are not many changes below the tree limbs
Grass leisurely dulls and frost takes its cue.

However, upward is where magic dwells
Spice, gold, and amethyst leaves illustrate autumn is alive and well…

In hand, teal hot coffee cups soothe the morning nip of cold
On foot, warm russet woolen socks make for an evening of content.

Fireside ruby flushed cheeks
Are all subtle reminders that the season of color is starting to peak.

Top & Bottoms via Terez {c/o}

Note, the photos in this post are in collaboration with Terez. All options are mine

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  1. You always have the cutest fall pics! :) I'm in love with that hat too. Happy Monday friend!