Alumni Homecomings & Good Weekend Reads

Bon Weekend D'automne! That's Happy Fall Weekend in French...In college, I picked French up as a second minor which was an unexpected surprise.

Speaking of autumn & college, two weekends ago, I went back to my alma mater {The University of Mount Union} for Alumni Homecoming Weekend.

The Elliot {My old dorm} can be spotted through here}
My mom & I walked around, saw what changed, what stayed the same, & all the spots I used to frequent--which is a bit spooky as revisiting the past, you can picture yourself as you once were there--the ghost of who you used to be, what you used to do, places you used to haunt, & so forth.

Whether you're still in college, a college graduate, or someone who just needs some seasonal inspiration; I am sharing a few of my most recent {favorite picks} articles I have published on the web along with photos from Homecoming weekend--enjoy the links & campus!

My former residence hall {all four years}

  1. This Penthouse Apartment Was Designed for Influencer Photoshoots [Teen Vogue] If you're a blogger or photographer you need to read {& add to your Pinterest Boards} this NYC SOHO penthouse--so cool!  
  2. Pumpkin Recipes: 3 Alternatives for the Pumpkin Haters [Metro] So yummy & perfect for cooking & staying indoors this fall weekend! 
  3. 10 iPhone XS, XMAX, XMAX Plus Cases for Your New Phone [Teen Vogue] Got the new iPhone? {lucky!} if so, these are some of the coolest cases! 

Chapman Hall {English & History Building}

Home of the Purple Raiders 


  1. What a beautiful school!! Sounds like a fun weekend!
    - Meg |

  2. What a gorgeous campus! Wow! Love these photos. I'd love to visit my Alma mater one day. It will bring back all the nostalgic feels. haha


  3. Wow, that school is just gorgeous. Wish ours looked like that out here! Yours is like a movie set LOL!