Kick'n-It: Dad Sneakers

Dad hats are apart of my everyday attire...well, basically. However the dad sneaker...I am not going to lie, I am kinda feeling it.

Flashback to last year, if you told me I'd like a clunky sneaker opposed to a mesh-barley-there-ultra lightweight athletic shoe that feels like you're not wearing a shoe I'd say umm no. Ha.

Honestly, everything has a season & you've probably seen a few of your fave bloggers wearing the chunky aka dad sneaker as they've been revived from the fashion achieves.

ADIDAS bucket hat

Personally, I really like the basic/ old school white Fila sneaker--even though it's a bit bigger in size it's pretty lightweight. Word to a future buyer, they run small {like really small} I went up a whole size and a half.
1. Fila Disruptor II Premium Sneaker, Womens, DSW, $65 

2. Sketcher D'Lites One Piece Sneaker, Urban Outfitters, $80 

3. Luxembourg Sneaker, Green Combo, Free People, $135 

Below, I am rounding up a few of my fave 'dad sneakers' & I can't leave you's an autumn dad joke:

What is a tree's least favorite month?


Additional Dad Sneaks: 


  1. These are actually really cute! I don't wear sneakers - ever - but if I did...these would be it!! :) HappyMonday girl!


  2. I swear everything is making a comeback!! Those shoes look so cute on you! Happy Monday!
    - Meg |

  3. You are really rocking this trend- I love it!

    Le Stylo Rouge