Stay In: Cozy Netflix Shows to Watch & Snuggle ASAP

Autumn, the season of warm cable knit sweaters, fleece blanket, sherpa lined socks, & warm evening firesides...that is once the heat dies down & it gets too rainy to venture outdoors for Friday night football games.

tulo firm pillow {c/o} 

Hey. that's why Netflix was invented, right? Right! In case it's a bit too cold to go out tonight or you just feel like staying inside--here are my top five shows/Netflix movies to cozy up & chill.

1. Sierra Burgess is a Loser: I am kinda feeling the new teen rom-com movies that Netflix has been rolling out--the story is sweet & the song in the movie's end is my favorite part about this teen romance/coming of age story.

2. Gilmore Girls: For some reason, fall is Stars Hollow. Coffee, cozy socks, and candy corn are perfect counter-parts to watching a season or two of this cult-classic.

3. To All the Boys I've Loved Before: Similar to pick No. 1, but it's a sweet love/coming of age story that's perfect to watch with a friend mom, dog, or just you, boo. If you read the book, you know what I am talking about.

4. Friends: Okay, Friends is good no matter the season, but the Thanksgiving episodes {like when Joey gets the turkey stuck on his head} are perfect for a Friday/Saturday night indoors.

5. Set It Up: Super-sweet-grown up Parent Trap {Netflix version} of two tired/rundown assistants who set their bosses up. However, the two who actually find love is the unexpected/kinda-expected {ha-ha} twist.

P.S. Hocus Pocus is good too-not sure if that's on Netflix! 

& If you're in need of a pillow to cozy up to this season, I am loving the tulo firm pillow as it has AquaCool which keeps a cool-consistent temperature & a soft yet firm base to lay my head--also comes in soft & medium for other sleep preferences.

I just have to say, I've been suffering from a stiff neck which has trickled into headaches{you know the kind you just wake up with} since sleeping on the firm tulo pillow--my neck has felt so much better!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. HA! I'm watching Friends right now. It's the best rainy day thing to do, in my opinion :) Happy weekend girlfriend! XO