Falling for Fall's Trend: Waffle Knit Tops

I love a warm waffle. Right out of the toaster-hot ready for silky syrup & maybe a splash of butter as well as a dash of cinnamon. Lastly, the paired with a sliced banana & served with a hot cup of dark roast coffee...yum.

I also love another kind of waffle--waffle knit tops. Did you know {my prediction here} the waffle woven tops are fall's biggest trend?

Top & Bottom Emmer & Oat {c/o}
Waffle knitted tops are similar to thermal tops & I used to wear them a lot especially as an extra layer in a cute & casual manner.

Like jeans, mules, & another fall trend leopard--a leopard printed bag.


My black waffle knit top is from the online store, Emmer & Oat as are the high waisted skinny jeans.


I am rounding up a few of my other favorite waffle tops below.

  • My top here {size down} 
  • My jeans here {size up} 

Other Favorite Waffle Tops: 


  1. This is THE cutest and most trendy fall look, and I couldn't love it more!! Those shoes are basically everything.



  2. LOVE this outfit... it's seriously one of my favorite fall outfits I've seen ever!!! Plus, those jeans look so good on you!
    - Meg | livingasunnylife.com